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Learn Chinese in Beijing

The language school in Beijing offers general Mandarin language group courses and private tuition courses throughout the year. So whether you have just a few weeks, or several months to dedicate to your studies, Beijing has plenty to offer. You can also combine your studies with a course in Shanghai, at the sister school.

Beijing is the nation’s capital and the political & cultural centre. Famous for its cultural heritage and many historic sites, including the Great Wall, the Forbidden City, the Temple of Heaven and its hutongs with courtyard homes. It feels like a capital with broad streets and wide open spaces. The climate can be extreme (very cold in winter below 0 o c, and hot in the summer, reaching 35 o c). If you can, we recommend you visit in Spring or Autumn to see the city at it’s best. The air is generally dry (but the city suffers from smog, due to air pollution).

With over 10 years of teaching experience, and between 25 /80 students studying each month the college in Beijing offers a small college environment across ALL linguistic needs (5 main language levels offered, which are then subdivided again).

  • School established: 2007
  • Course duration:
    Group tuition: 1 week +
    Private tuition: 1 week +
  • Minutes per lesson: 55
  • Minimum age: 16
    Average age: 28
  • No. of classrooms: 15
  • Number of students:
    Quietest months: 25 per month
    Busiest months: 80 per month
  • Exam preparation: HSK 1-6

About the School

Language Courses PDF Download 2021

The Chinese language school (Beijing) is located in the Central Business District, close to a subway station making it very accessible to students, from across the city. The school teaches Mandarin Chinese, and offers a range of group and private tuition courses to students of all ages.  The school is within easy reach of many restaurants and Beijing`s most popular shopping destinations, with a gym and swimming pool nearby.

Language students come from all around the world to learn Mandarin Chinese at the school in Beijing and classes are offered across a range of language levels.  The opportunity to stay with local Chinese hosts is a big attraction, but students can book shared apartments with other students, as well.

There are up to date facilities and free internet access for students in the Chinese language school. You can also combine your studies with a course in Shanghai, at the sister school.

The teachers are all native speakers of Chinese, with University degrees, who specialise in teaching Chinese as a second language.  The language school is open all year round and caters for both short and long term language student needs.