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Lucy Perkins Private tuition

Learn French in France1 week French language course in Paris
Private Tuition – 20 lessons

I needed to work on my French in the Christmas holidays and chose to go with CESA Languages as they responded quickly to my questions by email and on the phone.  I could only spare one week and wanted to concentrate purely on A level revision.  I hoped to achieve a greater fluency and accuracy of grammar, especially when writing French.

Delighted with the week.  Wish I could have gone for longer, but needed to be back for Christmas with the family.  Found the French tutor at the French language school very friendly and relaxed.  Her style of teaching really suited me.  Very patient and kind but kept me concentrating and I was surprised at how much ground we were able to cover in just 5 days!

The school is well situated in Paris.  I loved Paris – of course!  I was really pleased that I didn’t get lost in Paris when exploring (which I’d expected would happen).  Loved the shopping in Paris, so so easy to spend money there.  As a city to study in Paris has so much to offer, and is a great place to spend free time.

My hosts were a super couple.  I was delighted with them, the food was great, they were nice, relaxed people and very friendly.

Didn’t get to know many of the other students, it was the end of the year so the school was emptying out and being on a private course I didn’t see people in class.  This didn’t bother me though.  I was there to work!

CESA were great.  Plenty of information and some good common sense suggestions on offer.  It all added up to an excellent week!