Blog and Student Reviews: Salamanca

Great Spanish Teachers in Salamanca

Katie 12 weeks in Salamanca I headed to Salamanca for a new lifestyle of 5 Spanish lessons a day, siesta & fiesta. Time flew by far too fast on the course, in a blur of an ever-changing student body at school and after-party exhaustion. Although as someone who is staying more permanently it’s sad to see people come and […]

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Spanish Gap Year in Salamanca

Hamish Extended Gap Year Spanish Course in Salamanca When planning to start learning Spanish again, (which I’d not studied since GCSEs) I knew it would be best to start right from the beginning. Within my first three weeks as a student in the language school in Salamanca it became increasingly hard to leave (which really squashed my […]

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One week in Salamanca

Fay 1 week Standard Course Salamanca, Spain “I wanted to do the course to improve my Spanish a little and meet new people. I learnt much more than I thought was possible in a week. The style of teaching was more interesting than I had hoped for and the teachers were all brilliant and used […]

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