La buena vida en Barcelona

Samantha 2 weeks in Barcelona as part of her Gap Year I expected a high standard of teaching, friendly people and sunshine. I feel my expectations were met. My teacher was fantastic and I learnt a lot during my two week course. The lessons were great, my teacher insisted that we only spoke Spanish and encouraged […]

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Sarah’s Spanish course in Madrid

Sarah Law 5 week Spanish course “My time in the Spanish language school in Madrid was the most fun I’ve had ever! I met so many people through the school from all over the world and I am still in touch with many of them now 2 months on. Madrid is an amazing city with so […]

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Jess in Buenos Aires

The day before my departure it felt as if my guts were turned inside out. I was leaving everything in London, the sheltered life of a European upbringing and most of all I was leaving my family and friends. The pain and sickness  left as soon as the air-plane wheels lost touch with the runway. The […]

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