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Spanish Language Courses in MadridSpanish courses in Tarifa

Teenage Language Courses

Spanish language courses for teenagers 

       Summer: 13/18yrs  Salamanca
  Easter & Summer: 13/17yrs  > Benalmadena
  Summer: 16yrs+ > Malaga
  Summer: 13/17yrs > San Sebastian
  Summer: 14/17yrs   > Cadiz
  Summer: 14/17yrs Tarifa
  Easter A level:                                     16yrs+ > Salamanca


French language courses for teenagers

     Summer: 16yrs+   Nice
  Summer: 15yrs+ > Cannes
  Summer: 14yrs+ Biarritz
  Summer: 14yrs+ > Antibes
  Easter & 1/2 terms: 14yrs+ > Antibes
  Summer A level: 16yrs+  Nice
  Summer Leaving Certificate: 16yrs+ > Biarritz
  Easter A level: 16yrs+ > Nice
  Easter, 1/2 term & Summer A level: 16yrs+  > Paris


German language courses for teenagers

       Summer:                                                                         16/17yrs    Berlin Villa
  Summer: 16/20yrs > Berlin City
  Summer: 14/17yrs > Berlin Residence
  Summer: 13/16yrs > Lindau


Learn a languge and have fun with other teenagers from across Europe and beyond, in the country where the language is spoken!  CESA offers a carefully selected range of group classes, aimed to meet the language needs of teenage language students, whether beginners, elementary, or intermediate level, including A level, Leaving Certificate, Higher and Int Bac students.  Allowing students to improve their skills and confidence, address areas of linguistic weakness and revise key language skills



Learn to love a language.
Activate your current passive knowledge
Improve your pronunciation & comprehension skills
Gain in confidence.

Serious effort on your part, in a relaxed environment with like-minded students can greatly assist your grades (and be great fun too!). Alongside the language lessons a range of social excursions and sporting activities are offered - we want you to have FUN!  


"Just a quick note to let you know that Victoria had a Great Time on her 2 week language course. She said it was all very well organised and she enjoyed every minute. From a parent's point of view we felt really comfortable with all of the information we were given.Thank you for giving her such an unforgettable experience – and educational as well!!  Warm regards  Pauline" 
Mother to Victoria    Benalmadena: 2 wks Spanish programme 




"I was quite nervous about going to France on my own - but there really wasn't any need.  I made tons of new friends from all over Europe.  We had a great time together, at the beach, college parties and chilling together on campus.  The French lessons were great - talking in French all the time was scarey at first, but by the end of the fortnight I didn't think about it any more and on my last night at college I was even dreaming in French!  Thanks for a great holiday.  I really want to come back next year!" 
Julie     Antibes: 2 wks French programme