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Learn Spanish in Spain

Face to Face Spanish Classes


Madrid: Plaza Mayor

Summer 2020: Opened 6th July


Barcelona: Excursion

2021: Opening January 2021


Salamanca: Doughnut shot

Summer 2020: Opening September 2020


Seville River view of the city

Summer 2020: Opened 6th July


Valencia: Aquarium

Summer 2020: Opened 6th July

San Sebastian

San Sebastian: Hiking

Summer 2020: Opened 6th July

Palma de Mallorca

Palma de Mallorca: Palma Cathedral

Summer 2020: Opened 27th July


Granada: Alhambra

Summer 2020: Opened 3rd August


Summer 2020: Opened 6th July


Nerja: Outside

Summer 2020: Opened 6th July


Cadiz: Beach

Summer 2020: Opened 6th July


Benalmadena: Beach

Summer 2020: Opened 27th June


Learn Spanish in a fabulous range of locations, in language schools across Spain. Choose from a selection of Spanish courses, with language classes appropriate for all levels, from Beginner to Advanced abilities.

These Spanish programmes are open to a wide range of ages (from 14 yrs plus, on the teenage courses). If you wish to study Spanish in Spain and have any questions or want to discuss the programmes, just contact the CESA office … we’re here to help.

Online Spanish Classes

Spanish OnLine Courses

If you can’t yet travel to Spain, try an online course with other Spanish language students from around the world. Classes provided by superb, native speaking, Spanish teachers and a well established, detailed syllabus to follow, that caters for all language levels!