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Spanish Summer Teenage Courses

Benalmadena 13/17 yrs

Benalmadena Teens: Marina

Open in 2021


Tarifa 14/17 yrs

Tarifa: Windsurfing in Tarifa 2

Open in 2021


San Sebastian 14/17 yrs

San Sebastian Juniors: Kayak

NOT open in 2021


Salamanca 13/18 yrs

Salamanca Teens: Excursion

Open in 2021


Cadiz 13/17 yrs

Cadiz: Bike Tour

Open in 2021


Malaga 15/18 yrs

Open in 2021


If studying Spanish at high school and keen to put your Spanish language skills into practice, in Spain

– we have fabulous courses to offer you!

Structured language lessons are offered across a range of language levels, so whether you are new to Spanish, have studied it for just a couple of years or have already gained a passion for the language.

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