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Learn Japanese in Kyoto

Japanese Language Courses in Kyoto Japan, the perfect study option for language students, in the old Imperial City of Kyoto, in a small language school. It specializes in teaching Japanese as a foreign language, offering a good range of group and private tuition courses. These programmes are ideal for adults and students looking to learn Japanese in Kyoto, in an environment with a relaxed, friendly atmosphere. The Japanese courses are aimed to meet the needs of non-kanji speakers (and attract predominantly European nationals).

Study Japanese, explore the historic heritage of Kyoto, and experience modern day Japan as well – including the fabulous Manga Museum (dedicated to Japanese comics).


Fukuoka: Manga Class

  • School established: 2019
  • Course duration:
    Group tuition: 1-24 weeks +
    Private tuition: 1 week +
  • Minutes per lesson: 50
  • Minimum age: 16
    Average age: 20-25
  • No. of classrooms: 09
  • Number of students:
    Quietest weeks: 30
    Busiest weeks: 75
  • Exam preparation: JLPT

About the School

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The Japanese language school in Kyoto, is the sister school of Fukuoka and Tokyo. The school consists of 9 classrooms and a large student lounge. The school is conveniently located in the city centre, just west of the Gion district, below the Imperial Palace.

The ideal months to visit are April (during cherry blossom season) or October (when maple trees are a riot of red leaves). The summers are humid and hot and the winters cold – but any month is a good month to be in Kyoto!

Students can start on any Monday throughout the year (with set start dates each month for beginners), and study for as many weeks as required. The school aims to be flexible and fun and offers a range of social activities every month, to ensure students learn about Japan’s culture, as well improving their Japanese language skills.

The courses focus on everyday Japanese communication skills and learning both the language and the culture simultaneously, with courses such as Japanese plus Traditional Culture, and Japanese plus Pop Culture. The school arranges activities and events each month. Class sizes are very small, with a maximum of 8 (exceptionally 9) students per class, and an average of 5/6.

The Japanese School teachers are all native speakers of Japanese, with University degrees, who specialise in teaching Japanese as a second language, many of whom have taught abroad before coming to work in Kyoto.