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Learn Spanish in Cusco

The Spanish language school is located in a residential, non-touristy district of Cusco, surrounded by shops, restaurants and local people! From the school you are a 10 minute bus ride from the Plasa de Armas and the Spanish colonial historic buildings, Inca monuments and museums for which Cusco is well known.

CESA Plus Points:

  • Wonderful location in the residential heart of Cusco
  • Ideal for adults & Gap Year students year round
  • Quality tuition and good student care
  • Excellent hosts
  • Fabulous trips on offer, Lake Titicaca or to visit the Llamas
  • Bucket list must do: Machu Picchu


The city itself is extremely fun! There are so many outdoor activities like hiking, rafting, zip-lining, bungee jumping, all types of cool things to do. You’re surrounded by history in Cusco so there are also many fascinating museums to learn more about the Incan and pre-Incan cultures.

On top of all that, the nightlife is awesome. People really know how to party in Peru!

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  • School established: 2008
  • Course duration:
    Group tuition: 1-12 weeks +
    Private tuition: 1 week +
  • Minutes per lesson: 50
  • Minimum age: 18
    Average age: 23
  • No. of classrooms: 9
  • Number of students:
    Quietest months: 7 + per month
    Busiest months: 35 + per month

About the School

Language Courses PDF Download 2020

The Spanish language school is located in downtown Cusco, just a 10 minute taxi ride from Plaza de Armas. There are 9 well-equipped classrooms in the Spanish language school, and a comfortable common area for the students. Spanish language students have access to 2 computers with free internet, and there is wifi access. There is also a small library for students and an outdoor patio area.

The Spanish school in Cusco, is a small, personal school offering courses all year round, and at its busiest in January to March.  The staff offer classes appropriate to all language levels, from Beginner to Advanced Spanish level, across 6+ ability groups – so there will be a class running appropriate to your language needs.

From the Spanish language school you are within easy reach by bus or taxi, of a wealth of restaurants and bars plus the Spanish colonial historic buildings, Inca monuments and museums for which Cusco is well known. Of course you are also within easy reach of the fabulous world renown marvel – Machu Picchu!