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Italian Over 50 Programmes

Looking for a Italian language course with other mature students?

CESA Languages Abroad offers Italian Over 50 Courses  in fabulous locations and a wide range of alternative Italian language programmes throughout Italy.

Combine your Italian language studies (offered across all language levels) with a variety of activities and excursions on the Over 50 programmes. Accommodation can be arranged with local Italian hosts (giving you the ideal opportunity to practise your Italian out of class) or in nearby Hotels.

Do remember that you are welcome to join any of the Italian language courses offered by CESA. If we feel the language school you’ve selected is not right for adults or that it’s a bad time of the year to choose, we will let you know, not just let you go!

Alternative Italian Courses

Italian Courses / Open to adults


Siena: Over 50 Course

Before going I was frightened to death! However the experience exceeded my expectations giving me far more confidence in Italian.  Now thinking of doing a GCSE or AS to improve my grammar.
CESA: You were very good and sympathetic to my requests.  I would recommend you. I’ll be going again!


Florence: Over 50 Course

I’d always loved the Italian language and had taken evening classes for three years but this year decided I wanted to put it in to practise in Italy.
The combination of morning Italian lessons and a busy social programme taking in the art and history of Florence worked really well. I’d recommend this course to everyone.


Rome: Over 50 Course

I found having to talk in Italian throughout the classes very difficult for the first few days, but at the end of the two weeks could see that my confidence and ability had really grown!
Loved the tour of ancient Roman monuments and sharing the experience with other older students.  Thank you to the CESA staff for their support and the school for an amazing time.