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Learn Japanese in Japan

If you wish to learn Japanese in Japan, CESA offers fabulous Japanese courses, to suit all levels are offered in Tokyo, Kyoto and Fukuoka, with start dates offered every month, throughout the year, for courses of just a few weeks or several months. Additionally, Academic Year courses (12 months duration) are offered in Fukuoka, each January, April, July and October (with Student Visa application support, provided by the school).


Japanese classes in Japan: Update re 2022

From 2022, Japanese authorities will allow students with Student Visas, to study from the New Year onwards. There are many students who have had to delay their course, who will be first in line for course places. 

Short courses for those entering as tourists (without a visa) will, we believe, be possible from April 2022 onwards.

Please note: Student Visa students will take up all of the course places available in Fukuoka for the first 6 months of the year, at least (and possibly for the whole year).  Once the Japanese Ministry allows short term course student to enter the country, course places will be offered in Tokyo and Kyoto ONLY.

Update: 18 November 2021