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French Over 50 Language Courses

Is this French language course for you?

Yes, if you wish to work on your French language skills with other adults of your own or similar age, on a course not solely geared to an academic syllabus.

The specific French Over 50 Courses in Nice, Montpellier, Rouen and Antibes, are tailored to teach day to day language needs and to provide an interesting and enriching cultural holiday.

The adult orientated French courses in Aix-en-Provence, Tours, Paris and Bordeaux are not specific Over 50 courses, but from past experience we know that they work well and offer comfortable learning environments for our older students.


Do remember that you are welcome to join any of the French language courses offered by CESA.

If we feel the French language school you’ve selected is not right for adults or that it’s a bad time of the year to choose, we will let you know, not just let you go!

Alternative French Course options


Over 30 French Courses

French Courses / Open to adults

Nice: Promenade des Anglais

Nice: Over 50 Course
Ms Rankin

I have already recommended the French language course in Nice, and I would go again.  Maybe it’s a long time since I have been in a classroom, but I loved every minute of it – I found the learning and interaction with the Over 50s and the younger students in the other classes unforgettable and thought the teachers taught French with a real sense of humour.

Aix-en-Provence: Students

Aix en Provence: Over 50 Course

I’m in my 50’s and wanted a school that wouldn’t be swamped by young adults in the late Spring.  I choose Aix because I’d heard it was beautiful and CESA staff assured me that the school were very professional and would provide me with a first class experience.  They were quite right.  I felt motivated by the school, the staff and the other students from the very start.

Tours: Class

Tours: Over 50 Course
Mr Carter

I found CESA’s French course in Tours on the internet and I just felt this was the right French language school for me.   I felt that the students were always the centre of attention, throughout the working day and we were constantly encouraged to improve and practise our French skills.