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DELF & DALF exam preparation in Bordeaux

  • Open to 17 yrs + age group throughout the year
  • 2 to 12 weeks language course duration
  • 20 Standard group lessons
  • + 6 exam workshops per week
  • + 4 extra cultural workshops (if required)
  • Max. 12 people per group class
  • Levels: Elementary (A2)/Advanced

Short term French language courses aimed at those who need to build on current skills or who want to learn French in Bordeaux from beginner level, with additional small group work to aid linguistic development.

Intensive course objectives include: broadening acquired skills through creative and communicative activities, working with real documents, progressing by carrying out projects.

General French – course objectives include the practice of spoken French in Bordeaux in communicative situations and a cultural approach to the language, development of linguistic proficiency (written and oral expression / written and oral comprehension / interpersonal communication) and communicative methods combining individual development and group dynamics (group work, role plays, etc.)
Working in single-level groups, 8 to 12 students in size, ensures easy participation and a true group dynamic as well as individual attention from the teacher.

  • 6 workshops = 3 themed 2-lesson workshops (Language reinforcement)
  • 10 workshops = 5 themed 2-lesson workshops (Language reinforcement & Cultural discovery)

1 workshop = 1.5 lessons
These workshops allow students to progress faster, to improve a particular language skill and enrich their knowledge of French culture.

  • DELF  / DALF Workshop:

DELF / DALF Exam Preparation / A1 level minimum
Prepare for the DELF, DALF, TCF exams with tailored exam technique training sessions.

By following an Intensive (26 lessons per week) programme you can cover the general French language skills you need in order to prepare for the exam (20 general French lessons per week) and practise your exam technique (6 exam modules) prior to sitting the exam.

DELF is offered across A1 to B2 levels and the DALF is offered at C1 level.

Exam Course Start Dates: 2016

DELF A1 to B2    25th April or 20th June or 14th November
Exam weeks: 23rd April, 18th July and 12th December

DALF C1               11th April or 6th June or 10th October
Exam weeks: 23rd April, 18th July and 12th December

We strongly recommend students to book the Intensive Course to prepare for the DELF exams for at least 4 weeks preparation, prior to sitting the exam in the 5th week.
For DALF C1 we recommend following a 6 week Intensive Course, prior to sitting the exam in the 7th week.
You are of course welcome to study French for longer than this in Bordeaux, if you wish to!

DELF and DALF  (Intensive) Course (with 6 extra lessons):

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DELF and DALF (Intensive) Course (with 10 extra lessons):

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