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DELF & DALF exam preparation in Montpellier

  • Open to 18 yrs + age group
  • Ideally 6 weeks course duration
  • 20 French Standard group lessons
  • PLUS 10 small group lessons per week
  • Timetable : 9:00 am – 10:30 am / 10:45 am – 12:15 pm + 3 afternoons from 1:15 pm – 3:50 pm
  • Max. 10 people per group class

A rigorous French language course aimed at students who wish to have a serious Certificate proving their French language ability.  Minimum recommended course duration 6 weeks, but many students study for 12 weeks or even longer (up to 36 weeks) to achieve the required language level. The programme builds towards the set exam dates offered each year (contact CESA for exact dates).  The final 6 weeks include general language tuition in the Standard course and additional specific exam preparation.  Any additional weeks booked will consist of general language study following the same format as the Intensive Course. This is the ideal programme for those who wish to enhance their CV for work or academic reasons and need an official exam to prove their French language skills. Most students choose to prepare for the DELF B1, B2 or DALF C1 exams.  The college has always achieved an excellent pass rate for their students and many Academic Year and Languages for Life students will incorporate this exam element into their French studies in Montpellier.

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Rate of Progress

 A1 A2 B1 B2 C1 C2
DELF A1 4 wks 2 wks
DELF A2 10 wks 6 wks 2 wks
DELF B1 16 wks 12 wks 6+ wks 2 wks
DELF B2 22 wks 18 wks 12+ wks 6+ wks 2 wks
DALF C1 26 wks 22 wks 18+ wks 12+ wks 6+ wks
DALF C2 32 wks 28 wks 24+ wks 18+ wks12+ wks 6+ wks

Please note that each DELF / DALF exam level requires the following hours of tuition in the French language school in Montpellier for the average student (following an Intensive or French DELF preparation course):

DELF A1: 60 lesson from Beginner level
DELF A2: 160 lessons from Beginner level (100 lessons from DELF A1)
DELF B1: 310 lessons from Beginner level (150 lessons from DELF A2)
DELF B2: 490 lessons from Beginner level (180 lessons from DELF B1)

DALF C1: 690 lessons from Beginner level (200 lessons from DELF B2)
DALF C2: 890 lessons from Beginner level (200 lessons from DALF C1)