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Gap Year in Spain with CESA

A Gap Year in Spain with CESA Languages, 
~ seriously improve your Spanish language skills.

CESA offers Spanish Gap Year courses in Spain for language students of ALL abilities.  This includes, Spanish Academic Year Courses and Languages for Life courses and Spanish courses from just one week duration, in a fabulous range of locations in Spain.  Study Spanish in Spain or Latin America with CESA Languages Abroad and immerse yourself in the Spanish language!


Spanish language courses offered:

The Spanish Gap Year Courses are offered in 

     > Madrid      > Barcelona        > Seville       > Granada

and not only immerse you in Spain and all things Spanish, but can prepare you for serious Spanish language exams and introduce you to different aspects of Spanish culture.  Fabulous locations in their own right, the experience of life in one of these cities plus the quality of the language tuition in the Spanish language schools, is an unbeatable combination.

> Katherine's view on her Spanish Gap Year course in Seville

> Howard's view on his Spanish Gap Year course in Barcelona

> Amy's view on her Spanish Gap Year course in Madrid

> Jessica's view on her Spanish Gap Year course in Granada


The Spanish Languages for Life Courses (8+ wks) offered in

    >  Madrid            >   Barcelona           >  Seville 

    >  Granada         >  Salamanca           >  Malaga 

    >  Nerja              >  San Sebastian      >  Valencia  

are ideal for Gap students who want to get to grips with their language skills, whilst living in Spain, but can't commit more than 2, 3 or 4 months to a course.  Enabling Spanish language students to combine Spanish language study with first-hand discovery of the culture, by living and studying in Spain and very suitable for all long term course student requirements.

> Spanish Student Reports     All course durations, 1 week+

Photo Diaries:           Barcelona           > San Sebastian            > Seville


Are these courses for you?

Yes, if you're looking for serious language improvement, a real understanding of Spanish culture and a chance to share your time in Spain with like-minded people from around the world! 

Initially beginners/elementary students will find that the course concentrates on developing and enriching basic spoken language skills.  Continually promoting the use of verbal communication permits students to learn Spanish “naturally”, to unite theory and practice and increases your knowledge quickly and with confidence.  Higher level classes will incorporate a greater amount of written language work, thoroughly covering all aspects of the language.

Students with intermediate to advanced level Spanish, should aim to achieve fluency over several months.  The Programme ensures rapid acquisition and long-term retention of all aspects of language knowledge and is an invaluable way of focusing on your language skills development, with like-minded people.  It provides a solid grounding in core skills and can lead to recognised Spanish Language exams, giving you something concrete to add to your CV, by the end of your course.  

For a fantastic Gap Year in Spain talk to CESA Languages Abroad now! 



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