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Japanese & Traditional Culture

Combined your Japanese language course with guided activities and excursions.
Discover the traditions and culture of Fukuoka, Tokyo and Kyoto.

Each Saturday students follow three, 2 hour sessions. Each weekend covers a different range of activities, on a 4 week cycle. Students can either book a short Japanese & Traditional Culture programme or incorporate this within a longer term programme. 

In Fukuoka: explore the Rakusui Japanese Gardens
  visit the Tocho Temple
  learn the art of Kimono dressing
  take a Calligraphy class


In Tokyo: visit the Zojo-ji Buddhist Temple
  explore the Imperial Palace
  learn the secrets of the tea ceremony
  make traditional Japanese paper


In Kyoto: visit the Kinkakuji Temple
  explore the Sanjusangendo Temple
  take a Katana Sword class
  enjoy a Japanese cookery class



  Cultural content: Saturdays
  Course duration: 01 – 04 weeks
  Levels: Beginner to Advanced
  Course offered: Throughout the year
  Lesson duration: 50 minutes
  Maximum per class: 8 students
  Japanese course: Monday to Friday
20 lessons per week
  Minimum age:

16 yrs (Tokyo/Kyoto)
14 yrs (Fukuoka)





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Fukuoka: Touchouji

Example / FUKUOKA

You will have the chance to participate in or experience  some of the following: kimono wearing, ceramics decoration, tea ceremony preparation, calligraphy writing, flower arranging, Japanese cookery, dance and theatre trips, military arts classes(e.g. aikido), religion/spirituality, customs. 

  Example of Saturday Activities
1st week Lecture A Touchou Temple Kushida Shrine
2nd week Lecture B Calligraphy  Tea ceremony
3rd week HAKATA Traditional Craft
Furusato Kan
Zazen Meditation Pottery
4th week Hakata Doll Painting Katana Sword Class Yusentei Japanese gardens
5th week Monochrome Painting Wrapping Class Cooking