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JLPT Exam Preparation

Fukuoka & Tokyo

Do you speak Japanese? Can you prove it!

The Japanese Language Proficiency Tests can be sat in Japan each July and December.

Levels offered Level 5 to 1
Fukuoka: Min age 14 (mainly 18 yrs+)
Tokyo: Min age 18
Course duration 2+ weeks
Lessons 20 lessons per week
Additional classes JLPT private lessons
Lesson duration 50 minutes
Maximum per class 8 students
  • Follow a Standard, Languages for Life, Six Month or One Year Course and build in additional private classes to prepare for the JLPT exams
  • Exam preparation schedule: Private classes concentrating on JLPT skills plus exam specific homework
  • Course dates offered: September to November (prior to the JLPT exams in early December)


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For many students formally proving competency in the Japanese language is very important and proof of language proficiency essential, and this is precisely what the JLPT exams offer.

Your tutor in Fukuoka or Tokyo will let you know which JLPT level you can sit.

Level 5 = Basic ability to
Level 1 = Advanced ability

Start Dates: Standard Course dates in Fukuoka or Tokyo (generally leading up to the JLPT exam date in December)

Every week you will be given you homework during the private tuition exam preparation lessons so your tutor will be able to assess your weak points and help you address them.

JLPT Scale of Ability

You may be learning Japanese and be interested in the JLPT simply for intellectual interest but most exam preparation students, especially university or Gap Year students, Japanese University applicants, translators or others with long term career goals, study the language with an eye to the future and their career goals.