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Social Activities in Beijing

All students are encouraged to make the most of their time in Beijing College One, by participating in the guided excursions and activities offered by the Chinese language school.

Certainly using your Chinese skills in Bejing, where the language is spoken immeasurably increases the speed and quality of learning. The Chinese languages school is always keen to take the students out of the classroom to participate in excursions and cultural activities. The school has experienced coordinators who will guide you so that you can better understand the unique character of Beijing and it's surroundings.

A variety of activities are proposed each month (at additional cost).
Sample excursions :

The Great Wall of China
One of the Wonders of the World and shouldn't be missed! There is a saying in China that you're not complete until you've walked on the Great Wall. Admire the nature around the Wall and see far far away…    

The Forbidden City 
Right in the middle of Beijing lies the Forbidden City, the former imperial palace which was forbidden to the Chinese commoners. Site of the feature film The Last Emperor, you can see the splendors for yourself and visit the halls and pavilions inside.  
Chinese Martial Arts: Tai Qi and Kung Fu
Martial Arts are a great way to exercise as well as get to know the Chinese culture. Tai Chi consists of gentle movements, which let you relax through concentration and improve your balance and flexibility. Kung Fu teaches you form, fighting, self-defense, sparring and respect. 
Chinese Calligraphy 
Chinese character writing made fun with the school's Chinese Calligraphy Class. You will learn from an experienced tutor to write with brush and Chinese ink. Get a real feel for Chinese Characters! 
Culture and History Workshops
The Chinese language, it's culture and it's history are intrinsically entwined. A range of topics will be discussed so that you can learn more about China, and her culture. The Chinese people have a 5,000 year old history to drawn upon, so there are many stories and subjects to cover: cookery classes, history lectures and the art of playing Mahjong!      
798 Art Area 
The 798 Art Area in Beijing is an artistic haven for those who want to discover the local art scene.There are many art galleries to discover and a distinctive bohemian atmosphere to explore.  
Beijing Countryside
Farmers still make up the largest part of Chinese population. The big city is exciting and cosmopolitan, but you have to experience the countryside around the city to understand the importance of the agricultural way of life to China and the Chinese people : visit a farm, help to pick fruit and have a healthy farmer's lunch 
The Summer Palace 
A Unesco World Heritage Site in the northern suburbs of Beijing, the summer retreat for Empress Cixi who spent large amount of taxes on building this palace, set on top of a fake mountain, next to a man-made lake! 

Additional Activities students can enjoy include:

Tiananmen Square a place not to be missed, the square and its surroundings used to be the old city centre and holds great historical interest.

The Temple of Heaven, this is where Ming and Qing Emperors travelled to, from the Forbidden city on winter solstice to worship and offer sacrifices to heaven and to pray for good harvests. It is well worth the visit during your stay.

For those who love shopping, Wangfujing Street is Beijing's busiest commercial area.  The Liulichang market specialises in Chinese paintings, calligraphy, rare books, and arts and crafts.

There are thousands of eating places in Beijing, serving the typical Chinese cuisine. The large department stores and commercial centres almost always have food patios where you can grab a bite to eat. You will largely find a variety of such foods as Chinese cakes in the University areas where there are large numbers of student cafeterias.

For the sportier students why not try your hand at football, tennis, basketball.

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