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Learn French in Aix-en-Provence: Location

Aix-en-Provence known as ‘the city of water and art’ is located in the South of France. The hot springs of the town date back to Roman times. Through the centuries many other artists have been captivated by the light of this town, and by its natural and cultural heritage. Its narrow streets, colourful buildings, fountains and markets attract visitors from every corner of the globe. Aix-en-Provence is a young, vibrant and lively university town with approximately 30,000 students.

Aix en Provence is a picturesque spa town of Roman origin which is at the same time a young and vibrant city thanks to the large student population ensuring that the café terraces are always full. Its narrow streets, multicoloured facades, its markets and its cultural life attract visitors from all over the world.

The city is baptised “Ville d’Eau – Ville d’Art” (city of water – city of art) thanks to its fountains and to all the artists having been charmed over the centuries by the specific light and by the beautiful surroundings. One of its children is the painter Paul Cézanne whose workshop is open to the public, facing the mountain la Sainte-Victoire. With its situation in the heart of Provence, our city benefits from all the characteristics of this world famous area and your stay in Aix-en-Provence will offer you numerous opportunities to live fabulous scenic, cultural end gastronomic experiences.

Outside the town, too, there is plenty to explore: historic cities such as Arles, Avignon, Nimes or the scenic beauties of the Camargue, the Luberon, the Bight or Verdon or Mont Sainte-Victoire. The beaches and coves of the Mediterranean coast are only half an hour away. The climate is very pleasant: summer lasts until October and the mild autumn until Christmas, even winter is pleasantly mild.

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