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Learn French in Biarritz: Teaching

The college want to get you talking French!

Of course you will cover the four core skills of speaking, listening, reading and writing, with plenty of grammar and vocabulary work included in order to develop all the essential French language skills.

Course structure

The curriculum is structured on five theoretical language levels, with a natural duration of between four and six weeks at each level. There are classes in grammar, oral and written exercises, practice with video and audio material and conversation on subjects of general, social and cultural interest.

A student of average linguistic ability should allow four weeks to complete the Beginner level and six weeks to complete the Elementary level, covering basic grammatical structured knowledge to be able to communicate in the practical situations of daily life plus an introduction to French customs.

Approximately six weeks will be required to complete the Intermediate level with its emphasis on grammar with reference to the past tenses and development of conversation skills (and at Intermediate 2 level, the subjunctive).

An additional eight weeks covers the Advanced level (deepening grammatical skills, providing fluency in conversation and a deeper knowledge of French culture, also written expression and the creation of texts.

Class Levels:
Please note – The school does not require a minimum number of students to open a class. If you are the only person at your language level, the school will reduce the number of lessons accordingly (so 20 group lessons become 10 private lessons per week).

Biarritz French Teachers

All of the French Teachers are native speakers of French as a foreign language and trained to teach French as a foreign language.

Biarritz School Students

Students are drawn from across Europe (and beyond).  Generally they are aged 19 yrs to 35 yrs of age, but there will be some younger students (in the summer months) and some older students throughout the year.