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Learn German in Berlin: Accommodation

German language students in Berlin can choose to stay in the On Campus studios, in the Hotel, or in Student Studios or Shared Student Apartments or experience sharing daily life with German hosts, with half-board, alternatively enjoy living an independent life style (at a budget price) with hosts, whilst self-catering, in Berlin.  Please be aware that as Berlin is a large city, unless you decide to stay in the on-campus residence or the Hotel, then you must expect a daily commute to college (approx 20/45 mins each way).

Prices for all accommodation options are quoted on the CESA Course Quote Finder.

On Campus Studios

  • Open to 18 yrs + age group year round
  • 16 yrs + (shared rooms only) Summer Teenage Course
  • Single occupancy studios
  • Shared occupancy (school will place you with other students)
  • WiFi included
  • Meals available on site (at extra cost)

Just across the college’s private grounds are the accommodation buildings, housing various studio apartments, solely for the use of the college students. Ideal for those who can’t face a morning commute! The campus has a lovely cafe (for breakfast and lunch) and a restaurant (for dinner) on site.

These rooms are incredibly popular year round – so please book well in advance!

Berlin: Studio kitchen area

With sizes varying between 23 and 38 m², every studio has its own unique style. Most studios are on one level, some are mini-lofts, i.e. the sleeping area is on a higher level – the ceilings are 4.80 m high.
Facilities include: kitchenette, own WC and shower (bath in some studios), free WiFi for your laptop, telephone and TV, linen & towels

Single studio rooms:
They are simply furnished but have a modern feel to them.

Shared studio rooms: 
You can choose to book a shared room as a single person, and the school will match you with someone of the same gender.

On Campus Hotel:

  • Open to 18 yrs + age group year round
  • Single or Shared occupancy (school will place you with other students)
  • Breakfast & WiFi included
  • Lunch or Full-board on request

Recently renovated, the Hotel is open to both language students and visitors to Berlin. Originally a public bath house, built in 1902 the bedrooms flank the central, refurbished swimming pool. The pool is open for use several days a week and as a registered language student you pay a reduced rate, for a 2 hour swimming session.
All rooms are stylish and modern. The tower rooms and the rooftop maisonettes can be booked as single or shared rooms (either a friend or someone assigned by the school of the same gender).

Tower room:
Single or shared rooms available
en-suite bathroom, TV, WiFi
coffee maker, refrigerator, kitchenette
breakfast included

Rooftop maisonette:
Single or shared rooms available
sleeping area on a higher level (up steep ladder style stairs)
bathroom, TV, WiFi, coffee maker, refrigerator
breakfast included (no kitchenette)

German Hosts/Private Households – Half-board

  • Open to 18 yrs + age group year round
  • Single room (no shared rooms offered)
  • Half-board (breakfast and evening meal)
  • 30/55 minutes commute to school

Students can stay with local hosts in a single room, with half-board.  The hosts provide you with a chance to sample German daily life first-hand, however, Berlin is a large city and commuting to the language school from your host is inevitable. The German hosts offering half-board normally live in the suburbs of the city, hence commuting is a part of daily life.  Those offering half-board are likely to be older than the Berliners offering self-catering (not always the case, but generally so).

German Hosts/ Private households – Self-Catering

  • Open to 18 yrs + age group year round
  • Single room (no shared room option)
  • Self-catering
  • 10/35 minutes commute to school
  • Breakfast can be offered at additional cost

Share an apartment with Berliners, experience the German lifestyle first-hand, staying in a single room, on a self catering basis. Allow 10 to 40 mins for the morning commute to college. Choosing Hosts/Self-catering generally ensures greater independence and less commuting (generally speaking around 10/30 mins).  You still get to experience German daily life, but you are less tied down as you don’t have to be home for set meal times etc.

This is a popular option:

  1. great value for money
  2. independence
  3. you are responsible for your own catering, you don’t have to fit in with other people
  4. your hosts are more likely (though not always) to be younger than hosts that offer half-board

Budget Studios

  • Open to 18 yrs + age group year round
  • Single room (no shared room option)
  • Self-catering
  • Minimum one month booking offered

These studios are in Lichtenberg, just 30/35 mins commute on an easy 2 tram route from the school (M1 / M8). The residence is a large, 13 storey modern building offering German students and other young people affordable, modern accommodation with easy access to all that Berlin has to offer.

Sole occupancy studios, approx 21 m2 (425 in total)
Studio consists of bed, kitchenette, desk and TV with a small bathroom (shower/wc)
All utilities included –
Internet access,
TV and cable connection
On site laundry
Bed linen provided
Intercom door system
Concierge service


Arrive: Sunday PM
Depart: Saturday PM

We recommend students fly to Berlin’s Brandenberg airport or take the train (Eurostar) to Berlin. You can then take public transport, a taxi or a college transfer service to your accommodation. Alternatively, Berlin’s public transport system is excellent and will make it easy for you to reach your accommodation at any time of the day or evening.

Brandenberg Airport  

Berlin’s Brandenberg airport is now the sole airport for the city. You will find it a breeze to take public transport connections into town or the transfer to the school/accommodation.

Berlin by train

Take the Eurostar from London to Brussels in just 1 hour 55 minutes, switch to a high-speed Thalys or ICE high-speed train from Brussels to Cologne in 1 hour 57 minutes, then take a superb ICE high-speed train from Cologne onwards.  For fares book online at, and you simply print out your own ticket or check out for tons of advice.  Alternatively take an afternoon Eurostar from London to Paris then the overnight City Night Line sleeper train to Berlin, city centre to city centre, arriving in time for breakfast (some private sleepers even have their own toilet & shower).