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Learn Japanese in Tokyo: Accommodation

We recommend you book as early as possible.
Arrival: Sunday  Departure: Sunday

If you wish to arrive on Saturday, to get over jet-lag, please let us know so we can arrange an extra night for you.

Japanese hosts / Private household

  • Offered to 18 yrs + age group
  • Single room, B&B accommodation with a local Japanese family
  • Allow 40/60 minutes commute each morning

Hosts are chosen on the basis of suitability to accept guests and proximity to the Japanese language school (in Japanese terms this generally means 40/60 minutes commute from the college).  Please don’t book host family accommodation if you can’t bear the idea of commuting – it’s just a fact of everyday life.  You’ll get your own private bedroom (which maybe furnished in a Japanese or Western style). Your hosts can give you an insight into Japanese life & culture that will really enhance the experience, but you have to balance this against the compromises this form of accommodation entails (guest rules, family curfew etc).  If you’re not sure this is right for you – please discuss with CESA staff.


  • Offered to 18 yrs + age group
  • Single room, self-catering
  • Allow 30/40 minutes commute each morning

Very popular option due to proximity to the college (approx 30/40 mins commuting time required).  Guesthouses are shared with Japanese nationals or students.  You will share the common rooms; kitchen, living room, bathroom.  You are far more independent that if living with hosts (no curfews etc), but still have contact with Japanese people or other language students.

Residence accommodation

  • Offered to 18 yrs + age group
  • Shared room, self-catering
  • Allow around 25/30 minutes commute each morning

Shared room in a residence of students (either language or uni students as a rule), self-catering.
There are various residency options, giving you a chance to live with other students, generally around 30 minutes travel time to the Japanese School.  Good sociable community feel – easy to make friends.  Very easy on the budget, but no private space, so may not suit all students.

Private Apartment

  • Offered to 18 yrs + age group
  • Sole occupancy studio, self-catering
  • Allow around 20/40 minutes commute each morning

Great option for proximity (can be as close as 20 minutes to the college).  However is the most expensive accommodation option.  Apartments can be rented by the week and include a bed, living room area, kitchen area and bathroom.  There are rarely laundry facilities in the apartments (but generally there will be facilities in the building itself).  High speed internet access is included in the cost of the accommodation.  Most are within easy commute of the college in the main districts of the city.


One if it’s key selling points for students is ease of access to the city.

Tokyo airport offers easy international connections around the world.
You are welcome to make your own way to your accommodation, or you can book the school transfer service.

The school is easily accessed, just a short walk from Shinjuku JR station.