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Learn Portuguese in Lisbon: Accommodation

Students in Lisbon must allow for a daily commute to and from the Portuguese Language School. The majority of students stay with local hosts or in the school student apartment.  Students also like to stay in local Hostels, whereas some adults, and particularly business people prefer the centrally located Hotels.

Portuguese Hosts/Private households

  • Open to students aged 18 yrs +
  • Stay with local hosts, single room, breakfast ONLY
  • No kitchen access
  • Commute of 10/30 mins by public transport to school

Staying with a Portuguese host is a chance to practise your language skills in everyday life.  However, please note that Portuguese hosts are not families with lots of children, generally they will be divorcees, widows or older couples who have a spare room to offer.  The school selects the hosts as offering suitable student style accommodation, they are likely to be working (if not retired) and as such will be out until quite late at night (7.00pm or later).  They offer simple accommodation at a good price. Portuguese people take the lunch as the main meal of the day, and generally this will be eaten out, not in the house.  The evening meal is more of a snack taken late at night, generally after 8.00pm/9.00pm. This is why the college offer students B&B with hosts, (not half-board and students are not able to prepare their own meals in the house), this is not offered by the hosts.

Past experience tells us that the majority of students prefer to eat out in the evenings anyway, as this is the norm for language students in both locations.

You will have a room to yourself and bed linen will be provided.

Breakfast is the only meal provided but there is such a good range of restaurants around that this is rarely inconvenient.
You will not be able to self cater in the house.

You will share the house bathroom facilities with others in the household.

Bed linen will be provided by your hostess, however a laundry service is not included.
Your hostess will be able to advise you about nearby laundry services.

Inviting or Visiting Friends
Should you wish to invite a friend to the house, please ask your host/ess’ permission first (and do not expect her to feed them). It is not customary for guests to invite a friend from the opposite sex into their bedrooms.  If you stay out very late at night or if you do not come home for the night please inform your host/ess of your plans beforehand, otherwise they will quite naturally be worried.

Distance to the College
Many of the hosts are within walking distance of the school.
None of the families are more than 20/30 minutes by bus/tram.

Student Apartment

  • Open to students aged 18 yrs +
  • Share with other language students
  • Self-catering
  • Commute of 10 mins by public transport to school

The school has an apartment suitable for younger students (18yrs+), located just 10 minutes walk from the school, in central Lisbon. The apartment offers economic accommodation and enables students to self-cater, but it is simply furnished.
Demand will be high, so early reservations are recommended.

Facilities include
Seven bedrooms (one can be shared by friends booking together, the others are all single rooms).
A kitchen, a joint living/dining room, a small balcony, a TV and wifi
Cleaning is done weekly and bed linen and towels are provided (and changed weekly)
A security deposit is required in cash on arrival.


There are a great range of Hostels on offer locally.
These are reasonably priced and allow students to self cater on site (which is kind on your wallet).
You can stay at a Hostel in the historical centre,or at two other Hostels within walking distance of the school.


A full range of styles are available. Please specify your preferences when booking.
We recommend Hotel accommodation to our business clients.  Please discuss with CESA if you have any questions.


Arrive  Sunday PM
Depart  Saturday AM

Students choose to fly to Lisbon airport (which is only 7 km from the city) and then take a taxi or bus into Lisbon or take the Portuguese School transfer service at additional cost from the airport to your accommodation (one or two way service offered).