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Learn Spanish in Lima: Location

Lima, known as ‘the city of kings’ is the capital city of Peru. Home to 7 million inhabitants, approx a third of Peru’s population, is located on the coast in the valleys of the Chillón, Rímac and Lurín rivers and looks out over the magnificent Pacific Ocean.

In Lima the language student can combine their Spanish language studies with a chance to sample beautiful beaches, landscaped parks, the central market, and the Chinese neighbourhood, all of which are “must sees” for any traveller. Contemplate the architecture, enjoy the pounding surf of the Pacific waves, savour Peruvian cooking and get to know the local people. The city is rich in culture, the museums dedicated to Peruvian history and the richness of the Inca empire.

Lima’s climate is quite mild. The average winter temperatures vary between 15 °C to 19 °C and are usually accompanied by overcast skies and mist. However in the summer, the temperature averages around 22 °C to 27 °C, and the skies are blue!

The historic centre of Lima has a large number of historical buildings dating from the Spanish colonial era. In particular, the Plaza Mayor, with the 16 th century Cathedral and the Presidential Palace, and the catacombs of the Convento de San Francisco, all of which are popular tourist attractions.

Like many world capitals, Lima is home to national museums, including the National Museum of Anthropology, Archaeology, and History and the Rafael Larco Herrera Archaeological Museum, both in the Pueblo Libre district, the Museum of the Nation, the Museum of Art, the Museum of Italian Art, the Museum of the Inquisition, and many others.

Lima: Puente Lima: Vista Lima: Palmeras

Local Specialities

Lima has a world renowned cuisine, which fuses Andean and Spanish culinary traditions, as well as some African, Asian (mainly Chinese and Japanese), French, Italian and Muslim cuisine. The city is rapidly becoming famous for its seafood and unique vegetables, Creole, Peruvian–Chinese (called chifa) and fusion cuisine.