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Learn Spanish in Benalmadena: Teaching

Spanish ability / Rate of Progress

A0 Total Beginner 4 wks to reach A1 level
A1 False Beginner/Elementary 4 wks + to reach A2 level
A2 Elementary 4 wks + to reach B1 level
B1 Low Intermediate 6/8 wks + to reach B2 level
B2 Intermediate 6/8 wks + to reach C1 level
C1 Advanced 6/8 wks + to reach C2 level
C2 Superior level speaker

Please note that this chart is based on the progress rate expected for the average student who attend all classes, does their home work and is a conscientious worker. Few students keep to a consistent rate of development over a prolonged period, so please understand that this chart is for guidance only.

Spanish Teaching Method

Classes at the Spanish school in Benalmadena combine grammar with practise of the 4 skills – reading, writing, listening and, of course, speaking. The school’s teachers know a lot about classroom dynamics and are careful to create an inclusive atmosphere in which students have the confidence to talk Spanish. Of course confidence and plenty of practise are the keys to success. The course integrates the fours skills of reading, listening, writing and speaking with grammatical structures and vocabulary development. The lessons are also combined with different aspects of Spanish way of life and culture which are introduced progressively. A flexible, methodological approach able to be adapted to the varied interests of the students, meeting both individual needs and the demands of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.

Grammar skills and vocabulary
This is the core part of the course in which students study the grammar, vocab and skills corresponding to each level as set out in the above syllabus. Course material is closely controlled so learning is organized and varied too.

As for most people this is both the most challenging and the most desirable skill, most of the courses contain this module which gives students the chance to train accessing new knowledge for active incorporation into their own speech.

Private tuition
Participants can decide on the content of their private tuition themselves or ask their teacher to devise a programme most suited to their needs. All students taking private tuition are requested to fill out the Specific Needs questionnaire in advance of arrival so their lessons may be planned accordingly.

Class Size
The smaller your learning group, the more personalized your course will be. The maximum amount of students per group is nine, except Culture which is open-class style. The average number of students per group is 5/6 in low season and 8/9 in high season, with a maximum of 10 students per class.

Class Duration
Lessons run from Monday to Friday and are 45 minutes long.


Sunday Arrival in Benalmadena
Monday Tests/ Lessons (from 09.30)
Tuesday Lessons  09.00 to 13.30 hrs
Wednesday Lessons  09.00 to 13.30 hrs
Thursday Lessons  09.00 to 13.30 hrs
Friday Lessons  09.00 to 13.30 hrs
Saturday Day Trip *
Sunday Free Day

DELE Exam preparation

Students whose dates fit can opt to do a preparation course for the official DELE exams (Diplomas de Español como Lengua Extranjera) which test students’ level of competence in Spanish, granted by the Instituto Cervantes in name of the Ministry of Education and Science, which are recognized world-wide. These are organized according to the European Framework of Languages (A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2).

The school in Benalmadena enables students to prepare for the DELE exams at A1 to C2 levels (at different times of the year).

There is a specific 2/4 week DELE preparation course offered leading up to the exams.
This builds on the core lessons of the Standard Course + an additional 5 PM mini group classes.

First Day

Arrival at school for all levels: 08.50 hrs
Language level tests are held first thing to determine your class placement.

Lessons for everyone start on Monday: 09.00 hrs

Spanish Teachers

All of the teachers are native Spaniards and they are all full time Spanish teachers. The skilled, friendly teachers and efficient, caring administrative staff. There are 6 core teachers in the school, all trained to teach Spanish as a foreign language. They use the Spanish school syllabus, a tried and tested method developed based on personal experience and the vision of the school’s own teaching experts.

Spanish Students

Students come from all over the world, predominantly Europe, but also from much further away. Fundamentally, if you want to learn Spanish – you’re welcome. Age wise there a lot of younger students (18 yrs to 25 yrs of age), but the oldest student to date was in their 70’s and everyone is welcome.  Generally there are around 60 students present at a time, rising to 230 students at a time in the summer season. Students come from across the world; from Europe, Asia and North America.
There are students that stay for one or two weeks and others who stay for 12 weeks+.
The longer you stay the better your Spanish language skills will be!