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Combined Course, Bordeaux

5 / 5
Combined Course (20 + 10)
Number of weeks
1 week

I expected a general linguistic revision with a particular emphasis on oral work. The description given of the family encouraged me to have high expectations of my famille d`accuiel.
My expectations were met fully! There was a good variety of approaches with plenty of opportunities to speak. The right balance between “closed” and more “open” exercises. Some interesting and relevant material was used for example films and newspapers.
The French language school in Bordeaux was well organised but very relaxed, allowing pupils of all ages to mix comfortably. I particularly enjoyed the 2 ½ hours of one to one lessons with the same teacher as had taught me in the morning group lessons. There was a very international collection of pupils who mixed well and generally made an effort to speak French together. I only attended one cultural activity as I wanted to see more of the city, but there was plenty on offer.
Bordeaux was as I expected; it was a perfect destination with lots to look at.
I didn’t eat out much as my host family always cooked me a fantastic evening meal so I just had a quick snack for lunch but there were plenty of nice bars and restaurants around. I tended to stay in and chat with the family in the evening, apart from the evening when I went to the college barbecue. However I did go running in the Parc Bordelais, an excellent place.
My host family was perhaps the most successful aspect of the whole experience. A brilliant family who made me very welcome and took every opportunity to speak to me in French. They shared their family life with me, including me as one of the family and taking me to several outings.
CESA were extremely helpful and efficient. I would definitely go back to Bordeaux again. My language course was a very worthwhile experience in every way, it proved far easier to become a pupil again than I had anticipated.

Mr K