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Languages for Life, Cannes

5 / 5
Languages for Life (15 lessons)
Number of weeks
12 weeks

Linguistically I was expecting the course to focus more heavily on conversational skills than writing. I was hoping that after 3 months the course would enable me to gain confidence in speaking and be near fluent. Generally I was expecting the course to have a mixture of teaching methods and be conducted solely in French, and the college I was expecting a safe, social environment.
Linguistically I wish that the Standard course was longer than 15 hours per week but I learnt a lot due to the varied teaching methods. A lot of the lessons were focused on writing and grammar which I improved in but I would have liked more emphasis on oral work. I was generally impressed by the course and I thoroughly enjoyed my time in the college it is such a great place to meet people and even French people your own age. I would definintly recommend it.
There was good student teacher interaction in the French language school in Cannes, very equal and the teachers were always keen to let everyone speak. I really liked the style of lessons as we would work on each skill; I particularly enjoyed the debates and discussion sections.
The college is in a perfect location, we were lucky as the beach is on our doorstep, 2 minutes from a bus stop, about a 20 minute walk to town and Cannes train station, to explore neighbouring towns. The location was a definite advantage as you could always find things to do! The staff and the teachers were both approachable and friendly. The school is so quaint, you become a family with the people you meet.
The best parts were the social and international nature of the college, you feel really at home, Cannes has endless night life spots – it would be social as you walked down as a college. The college location was ideal and the great friends I have come out with.
I feel that I had a lot of free time and perhaps if I did it again I would opt for more lessons to fully improve my French. Without a doubt the clear advantage of Cannes is the people you meet. I made so many life long friends form all sides of the world (South America, USA, Europe Africa.) The age is brilliant 18-30 with most around 21, everyone is friendly and open minded. The thing I loved was that the campus is shared with French journalist students, I was so happy to make French friends as you really immerse yourself in the language and culture. I really enjoyed the college trips, karaoke, crepe party and thanksgiving etc were brilliant and included. There are lots of great excursions (most I did).
Learn French in CannesCannes is a great place to learn as it is not too big, easy to get round, very pretty and you always feel sae. Cannes has a lot to offer, viewpoint, festival, and little trinket shops, and it is easy to reach other Provencal towns e.g. in my time I went to Nice, Antibes, Juan les Pins, Vaullauris, Aix en Provence, St Tropez …
If anyone is choosing Cannes, definitely stay on site as basically 90% of students do. The college ambience is great; the rooms are basic – roomy, desk, and wardrobe. I recommend sharing as you are put with a student of different nationality.
Thank you very much! CESA Languages were approachable, friendly and endlessly patient with my continuous questions. CESA is very personal and supportive to each and every student. I think what I like most about CESA is the advice they give as they experienced it, so are very honest.
I absolutely loved my time; I would recommend it to anyone!