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Languages for Life,

5 / 5
Languages for Life (15 lessons)
Number of weeks
12 weeks

I am writing this having been in Cannes for about 1½ weeks, although I feel so at home here it could have been months! I am having a really lovely time, meeting new people almost every day, spending afternoons on the beach, getting to know my way round Cannes… and learning lots too!
In fact, the French language lessons in Cannes are great – it’s not just grammar which we study (although we do enough for me to already feel like I’m improving after 1 week) but loads of really interesting topics. The approach in lessons is different every day so you never get bored and time goes by much more quickly than it ever did at school!
I am constantly speaking French and picking up new words and phrases, something I love. I already feel so much more comfortable expressing myself and am getting much more fluid.
There really are great people here, that you’re never bored, and you can always be learning something new about someone’s culture or language. There’s just a brilliant atmosphere in the whole college.. I couldn’t feel better about my time here so far!
I can’t believe it’s already December, and I’m heading home soon. Time here in Cannes has gone by so incredibly fast that I have hardly had time to stop and reflect on what an amazing time I’ve had and how many great friends I’ve made. I am so much more confident now and am able to express myself in almost any conversation, and feel at ease being part of a group speaking French. My grammar is nowhere near perfect but I have made progress, and some rules which I would never have understood on paper have become second nature just because I hear them being spoken all the time. I would certainly recommend this method of ‘living the language’ to absolutely anyone who has the opportunity.
The college has quietened down now as we’ve said goodbye to a number of groups and individuals and it’s nearly the end of the season. Although it was sad to see friends leave, it’s still fun here and everyone is really close having spent so much time together.
I’ve visited Grasse – the capital of perfume, Aix en Provence which was so pretty I’ve been wanting to go back ever since and Nice which is so close and so easy to get to. I’ve also been olive picking with a local family who treated us to a real provencale lunch as a thank-you for helping them with their harvest, and have visited the Ile St-Marguerite which is ten minutes by ferry from the old port here in Cannes.
Most importantly, I have met so many different and wonderful people and learnt alot from them. We all get along brilliantly and are such a diverse group being from such a variety of countries and cultures that it is certainly a unique experience. I have an awfully long list of places to visit in the future now with friends in all corners of the world!
I don’t want to go on for too long but all in all my time at the college will be a memory I will treasure and I know for certain that when I go home in December I will not be saying goodbye to Cannes for too long – I’ve fallen in love with the Cote d’Azur!
A huge thank you to CESA for giving me this opportunity!