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Standard Course, Cannes

5 / 5
Standard Course (15 lessons)
Number of weeks
2 weeks

I absolutely loved Cannes, from the French lessons, to the friends I made, to the city itself. The Campus was a friendly environment. The rooms were clean and the food was good most days, but if I did not like the main dish I always knew I could go and eat a delicious Panini and chocolate waffle at the college café situated in the courtyard. I was quiet nervous when I first arrived, but I instantly made friends on the coach there from Nice, and continued to make good friendships throughout my stay. I can honestly say it was one of the best experiences of my life.
The lessons were great, the teachers were lovely and I feel I have gained a lot of confidence in regards to speaking French.
The French language school in Cannes was a beautiful and friendly environment. It felt like a second home by my second week there. I loved the trip into St. Tropez and I wish I could have visited Monaco, but I didn’t have time. The students in my class became the people I was friends with outside of the class room.
I loved the location it was 2 minutes from the beach, 5 minutes from town by bus and 15 minutes from town walking, but the walk was always pleasant. I felt safe at all times, there was 24/7 security. The social life was great I went out every night and went to sleep very late. I would recommend everyone who goes to Cannes to just go out and experiences the night life as much as you can. It is beautiful.
The accommodation was basic, but always clean and I was out all the time so it was fine. I loved the campus life and so I would definitely recommend people to stay in the college instead of a host family.
I think that CESA were very efficient and helpful while I was choosing my destination.
The only thing that was disappointing about my experience is that it went too fast. I would love to go back and would recommend it to anyone interested in having a new experience. My best moments was probably sitting on the beach watching Cannes famous firework displays or being in town on the weekend eating out and exploring.