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Languages for Life, Florence

5 / 5
Languages for Life (8 to 23 wks)
Number of weeks
12 weeks

It was such a spur of the moment decision to take off to Florence to learn Italian, so I didn’t really have many expectations before I went.
The Italian language course in Florence was brilliant, enjoyable and worthwhile. There were 12 in my class which perhaps was sometimes too many for conversation, however the teaching was excellent.
I really loved being in the centre of Florence. The teachers were very friendly and approachable.
The social life, teachers and location were definitely the best parts. Initially I was placed in Class Level 1, which worked well as I was glad to meet people who spoke English because my Italian was so very basic, by the end of Class Level 3 I was much more comfortable with spoken Italian – a few friends didn’t want to talk Italian out of class, but most did.
I especially loved the wine course and trips and tours offered by the Italian language school. It was rather expensive at times especially if you want to so some travelling out of Florence.
You can eat out very well and still quite cheaply, if you know where to go. It is not a cheap place to study and live but you can make it cheaper for yourself by doing more things at home. I found that when the Italians realised I wasn’t American, but English they were very much friendlier, I made several friends with Italians out of classes, and I always felt safe in the centre of the city.
The night life was excellent and I always felt very safe walking home in the early hours. I had a good social life and I made friends with people from many different nationalities.
I was delight with my accommodation in Florence. I was located in a wonderful apartment, right in the city centre, and there was gas central heating (which we needed in February!).
CESA staff were brilliant and very approachable and I appreciated being able to phone the office or email any time to have a chat and always got a quick, friendly response.
I have already recommended this trip to others.