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Private Tuition, Munich

5 / 5
Private Tuition (20)
Number of weeks
5 weeks

I hoped that I would get a balanced education which would include speaking, grammar, reading and writing. I also hoped that the teacher would challenge me and push me beyond my current linguistic abilities.
I had two teachers who took turns teaching which I found very helpful. It gave a variety of and different but solid perspectives on the language. I found that they were both creative in their methods of teaching and balanced the time well between speaking, grammar, reading and writing.
I felt like I learnt a lot in a short amount of time and have a good amount of material I can continue to study.
The lessons worked well. I thought 5 hours with a break in the middle was a good amount of time for intensive learning. The student teacher interaction was very good. I was happy with my lessons and didn’t feel that they needed improvement.
I liked the German language school in Munich very much. It is in a very comfortable setting. The teachers and staff were very approachable and the atmosphere was welcoming. I didn’t mind the location of the school in Munich. It took a few minutes to walk there as I didn’t live in the school residence but it is nice that it is not located right in the middle of the city.
Since I didn’t have any worst parts of the course I would have to say all of it was good!
I found the Media Tech room very helpful with all of its resources and the Media Tech teacher was more than helpful. I felt that the amount of lessons that I had for the duration of 5 weeks was good.
I like Munich as a city very much. The people I met out of class were very helpful. I don’t find Munich an especially cheap city. It is more expensive than other cities in Germany that I have visited but it has a good feeling about it and the transportation system is very easy to use. There is a lot of culture and many things are easily accessible.
I think CESA has a very good language system and the approach of the teachers and staff. I attended an earlier German course this year with CESA and had the same experience.

TA Lynch