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Combined Course, Paris (Les Halles)

5 / 5
Paris (Les Halles)
Combined Course (15 + 10)
Number of weeks
3 weeks

I’m reading French at University and wanted a real brush up of my skills over Easter before the end of year exams. I needed some intensive teaching to ensure some rapid linguistic improvement (!), and hoped for a relaxed environment with some friendly people so that whilst I’d learn a lot, I could enjoy the experience too!
The school’s location was perfect, and my commute from my accommodation in Paris with French hosts only took 30 mins (which I realise is pretty good for Paris). I’d decided to stay with hosts to ensure I was immersed in the French language and I’m so glad I did. Staying with French hosts is the best way to meet French people and improve your French in real world situations. On top of which my hostess was extremely welcoming and accommodation, her apartment was modern and spacious and she was a fantastic cook! She hosted two or three students at a time, but far from being a problem this worked really well for us all, there was always someone to discuss French language learning with, to go out in the evening with and walk to school with. Our hostess did everything she could to make us feel at home and encouraged us to talk French with her and each other at all times.
The school was likewise a total success story. The combination of 15 group lessons of 4 or 5 students per class (varied from week to week) with the addition of 10 private lessons meant that I had to work hard. The group lessons were professional and enjoyable but I think the private lessons were particularly beneficial, being virtually identical to the supervisions I have experienced at university.
On the basis of this French language course experience and my explorations of Paris, I have decided that I want to spend a year here in my third year, as part of my degree course.
Thanks to CESA and everyone in Paris who made this work so well for me.
All the best – Emily