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Languages for Life,

5 / 5
Languages for Life
Number of weeks
8 weeks

It didn’t take long to decide that a trip to Salamanca would be an excellent way to practice my Spanish before continuing my studies at university, and also a wonderful way to enjoy my year off; not to mention the tan I was hoping to show off to all of my friends when I got home! And I can say with all honesty that the trip has definitely lived up to all my expectations.
Coming from London, I almost fainted when I discovered that I could buy a glass of Sangria in a bar for a couple of euros, it took me less than 10 minutes to walk to the beautiful Plaza Mayor and I had an incredible view of the cathedral from the balcony of my flat.
Salamanca has a perfect combination of the relaxed Spanish attitude and the buzzing student night-life of a university town. Amongst the beautiful sandstone buildings, churches and monuments, there are hundreds of bars and cafés. There is always something to see or do, especially in such a friendly Spanish language school, where they plan activities almost every day, from film nights to paella nights, free tours of the city to a free trip to the tennis courts.
The only thing you can’t find here is a reason to be bored.