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Languages for Life, Sorrento

5 / 5
Number of weeks
11 weeks

I had no idea what to expect and I had never heard or spoken to anyone who had taken a language course abroad in their Gap Year. Katherine at CESA was very supportive during the first week which was very helpful and the information pack I received was also useful.As it turned out, by the end of the course I felt I’d made huge progress – the level I reached was well beyond my initial expectations. The teachers were fantastic and I feel I formed some good relationships with them during my time there. The lessons were good although two hours of solid language learning followed by another two solid hours is quite hard going. I liked the way it left my afternoons free however. The school was in a good position, easily accessible from the main square. The best part of the course was the teachers and the opportunity to socialise outside of the college.
Sorrento is a small town so it is easy to meet and socialise with people, by the time I left I couldn’t walk down the street without bumping into someone I knew! It is also very safe, much more so than London. I feel I made a lot of friends, some English and others Italian. I’m going back in the summer so I suppose that speaks for itself!!
I was really happy to be living with Karita, the English teacher that lived in the flat with me; we got on very well which was lovely.
I would recommend others to go but to be prepared for the fact that it is a small town. I have already booked to go back for a couple of months!