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Spanish Gap Year in Malaga

The Spanish Gap Year in Malaga is high quality long-term course solution for Gap Year students, graduates and young adults looking to take a serious career break.

The Spanish campus is also only 20 minutes by bus to the centre of Malaga city. Students love the local area, located up in the hills, amongst pleasant, low level villas with good local amenities and an easy stroll down to the beach.

Gap Year in Malaga Plus Points

Sun drenched beaches, paved beach front promenades that stretch for miles, and plenty of traditional tapas bars

A full range of Spanish language exams are offered, year round – if you want them!

First class on-site residential campus accommodation

Spanish Course Details

Levels offeredBeginner to Advanced
Minimum age16 (recommended for 18)
Course duration8 to 36 weeks
Alternative courses2 week+ 
Number of lessons20 group lessons per week
Lesson duration45 minutes
Maximum per class10 students
  • Languages for Life: Start dates throughout the year
  • Academic Year: One start date each year (August)
  • Classes are held Monday to Friday each week
  • Timetable : 08.30 to 12.30 hrs or 16.00 to 20.00 hrs (in busy months)
  • Preparation for DELE exams (optional extra module, not included in course fees)

Academic Term/Year Course

Open to people aged 16 yrs + (recommended for 18 yrs + age group)

  • Term I : Beginner/elementary level intake
    20 group Spanish language lessons per week
    16 weeks Spanish language course duration (August/Dec each year)
    Max. 10 people per class
  • Term II: Advanced level intake
    10 group language lessons + 10 group cultural lessons per week
    21 weeks language course duration (January/May each year)
    Max. 15 people per class

Spanish Teaching Method

This long term Spanish language course in Malaga (ideally suited to meet the needs of Gap Year students) allows students to gain in depth knowledge of both the Spanish language and Spanish culture over a full academic year – a two term course of intensive language study, which includes the opportunity to prepare for and sit the DELE Intermedio exam, (DELE exam fees at additional cost) and takes beginners in the Spanish language through to intermediate/advanced levels.

In Term II the language lessons are offered in combination with cultural studies; History, Art Literature, Geography, Social and Political Institutions in Spain to provide a fully rounded knowledge of modern day Spain’s cultural context. Those who complete the full course are awarded a College Diploma, certifying their achieved language level.

Students are welcome to enrol for just the first or second term, depending on language level, if they cannot find time to follow the full Academic Year course.

Academic Year Course

36 wks   €5045.00
CESA Fee: € 50.00 per person
Summer supplements: Not applicable
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Languages for Life Course

  • Minimum age: 16 yrs
  • Spanish tuition: 20 lessons
  • Class size: 6/10 people
  • Preparation for DELE exams (optional, not included in course fees)
  • Minutes per lesson: 50
  • Ability levels: Beginner/Intermediate

General Spanish / Lessons integrating the 4 skills of reading, writing, speaking and listening with grammatical structures and vocabulary development. Aspects of Spanish culture and way of life are introduced progressively as and when appropriate. Additional concentrated Spanish oral communication practise is provided in a small class environment for maximum impact.

8 wks   €1438.0012 wks   €2090.0016 wks   €2484.00
CESA Fee: € 50.00 per person
Summer supplements: Not applicable
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DELE Exams offered

Do you speak Spanish? Can you prove it!

Some people study Spanish for self-enrichment or want to know how to tell the time or talk on the phone in Spanish or to satisfy short term language requirements in high school, college, university or career goals. Others however, such as university or Gap students, aspiring teachers, translators or others with long term career goals, study the language as part of a formal training programme. For this latter group of students, formally proving competency in the language is a requirement and this is where the DELE Exams are of great value.