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Nice: Summer A’ level Course

PDF Download: 2016 details


  • Open to Yr 12 & Yr 13 students
  • A’ level, Pre U, Higher & IB students
  • 56 French lessons (2 weeks)
  • 26 French lessons (1 week)
  • 45 minutes per lesson
  • Max. 10 people per class
  • Language skills covered: Oral and Written Expression, Grammar Exercises, Oral and Written Comprehension, Phonetics, Vocabulary and Syntax

If you’re looking for a demanding full immersion French language course this summer, staying with local French hosts – this is the course for you!

Past CESA students have loved living in Nice & experiencing the Riviera lifestyle. It is best suited to the older teenager. It’s always popular and becomes fully booked ~ so early reservations are advised!

This French A’ level revision course has been put together to help 1st and 2nd year A’ level language students (and European high school student equivalents) overcome any linguistic weaknesses, giving them the confidence to communicate effectively in French and to develop their French language knowledge. The course is a more academically demanding course than many other French Summer Teenage programmes and aims to stimulate student interest and keep the lessons dynamic.

It is only open to older teenagers preparing for these exams. It’s demanding, but popular, and becomes fully booked ~ so early reservations are advised!

Offered in July & August:

Summer Programme/ A’ level Revision Course

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Standard Course

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Intensive Course

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Course Content

Must be currently studying French at A’ level (or Int Bac or Highers or European student equivalent) and in Yr 11/12 of school education

Language skills covered: The programme covers the range of linguistic skills required by exam students of this level. Grammar exercises, Oral and written expression, Aural and written comprehension, Phonetics, vocabulary and syntax. The final day of the course is set aside for a mock exam, in test conditions. Classes in the first week will begin on the 2 nd day of the course, the 1 st day is reserved for language tests, induction and tour of Nice.

This French programme covers the range of linguistic skills required by exam students of this level. It is designed for high school students who want to improve their French in Nice, with a view to exams, which marks the end of their school education. The French language school in Nice has an excellent academic record and is a year round language college for students aged 16 yrs+.

Morning lessons:
Devoted to grammatical and functional aims as part of the school’s Standard Course.

Afternoon lessons:
Reserved for résumé techniques and text analysis. This is also when A’ level focused work is corrected and analysed by the teacher.

1 to 2 hours per day after lessons are dedicated to homework.

  • The final day of the two week course is set aside for a mock exam, in test conditions
  • All text material used in lessons deals with French literature and civilization
  • Tutors are all native speakers who are also professional teachers of French as a foreign language

NB: The programme is designed to be a TWO week course, so whilst students are welcome to attend for one week only, please bear in mind you are completing half of a 2 week course.

School Description

During the summer (July and August), students aged 16/18 yrs are taught on a second college site, separate from the older students. The Summer school is situated to the north of central Nice, near the Roman arena and the Matisse & Chagall museums. The school facilities include 12 classrooms, a snack bar and a large garden, where students can relax during breaks. The course is appropriate for teenagers who are independent, and mature enough not to require constant direction from group leaders.


  • First Monday is given up to level tests and induction
  • Mon/Fri : 9.00 – 10.40 hrs / 11.00 – 12.20 hrs + 3 afternoons 13.15 – 15.45 hrs


A range of activities are offered at extra cost. Students are advised of the options offered each week once in France via a notice board in the Centre. However the close proximity of the beach and the facilities of Nice tend to encourage most students to make their own entertainment out of class.


  • Open to 16 years + age group
  • Single room
  • Shared room (if travelling with a friend)
  • Breakfast & evening meal
  • Arrive: Sunday PM
  • Depart: Saturday AM

Students are housed with local French hosts. They provide a bedroom, breakfast and evening meal and a chance to practise your French through social interaction out of class. Hosts are generally 15 to 40 minutes commute from school (either on foot or by tram/bus). Hosts offering half-board, live in apartments in and around the city and may have more than one student staying with them at a time. They are normally French couples, divorcees or widows who are happy to host foreign students and can provide a welcoming environment and the opportunity for social conversation each day.

Host families are committed to:

– welcome and lodge you in the best conditions
– integrate you as much as possible in the family’s life
– assist you in the language learning process
– offer you a French or continental breakfast every morning
– offer you a complete and varied dinner (usually dinner is taken between 19.00 and 20.30)
– supply you with bed sheets and towels and to change them every week
– offer a clean, comfortable room with a window, furnished with a work table and a wardrobe
– give you the keys of the flat or house

Don’t hesitate to talk with your family about what you like upon arrival. Please inform your host family in advance if you won’t take a meal because you are going out or for any other reason. There is no refund for meals which are not taken.

Of course you are welcome to make your own accommodation arrangements, but generally A’ level revision course students choose to stay with hosts.


Teenagers aged 16/17yrs old will need a signed parental permission to be able to go out in the evenings.

Parents must indicate that either:

1) no permission to go out is given
2) students are free to go out up to 11.00 pm in the week & at the weekend
3) students can go out in Nice without restriction

French language students, over 18 years of age are not subject to parental permission rules.
NB: Parents cannot set alternative curfews as the college is unable to police them.

Travel & Transfer

Arrive: Sunday PM
Depart: Saturday AM

One way collection on arrival at Nice airport by hosts: No extra charge
The hosts organise the arrival transfer, assuming that students arrive between 09.00 and 21.00 hrs (students must arrive at a reasonable hour of the day). If catching early morning or late night flights, students have to make their own way to their accommodation by public transport.

Students can either make their own travel arrangements back to Nice airport by public transport, or book the college arranged taxi service (which can be paid for in advance of the course).

CESA Plus Points:

The French School combines an informal atmosphere with a studious environment. The combination of its academic record,ease of access by bus or tram to the centre of the city and ease of access via Nice’s International airport makes it the perfect location for this special course.

If you wish to discuss the French Summer A level Revision course please call us on 01209 211800 or email us to check course availability.