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A’ level Revision Courses

French A’ level Revision

Nice Teen: In class

Summer 2020: Open week of 19th July+

Spanish A’ level Revision

Salamanca: Group of students

Summer 2020: Open week of 24th August+

German A’ level Revision

Berlin Nightscape

Summer 2020: Only Standard Courses offered  For students aged 17 yrs+

Italian A’ level Revision

Florence Learning Italian

Offered from 2021 onwards
Online courses available on request

Teenage Courses


Summer 2020: Please click on link for details


CESA offers a range of one or two week courses suitable for A’ level students looking to revise and polish their language skills prior to their A’ level exams.
If you only have a week to spare, during the half-terms or Easter courses offer the perfect opportunity to put your language skills into practise before your exams.


If you have one, or ideally a couple of weeks free over the summer, you can follow an A’ level course or join one of the Teenage courses on offer.