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  • Paris: Sacre Coeur

    Paris: Sacre Coeur

Paris (Les Halles): A’ level Revision

Open to 16/19 yr old students

PDF Download: 2016 details


  • Open to Yr 12 & Yr 13 students
  • A’ level, Pre U, Higher & IB students
  • February and Easter holidays
  • 1 week language course
  • 15 French group lessons
  • 60 minutes per lesson
  • Max. 7 people per class

Language students can follow a one week French A’ level revision course, in this amazing city. The course is appropriate for teenagers who are independent, and mature enough not to require constant direction from group leaders.

I was so impressed with the Paris A level revision language course. I’d hoped that the lessons weren’t going to be like school with just endless grammar and exercises and my hopes were fulfilled. The A level lessons being in French were great revision and practice for both listening and speaking confidence and the cultural topics were so interesting: French schooling, political system etc.

The experience exceeded all my expectations!

Eleanor – 1 week revision course Read more

Is this course for you?

Yes.  If you’re looking for a demanding French revision course in Paris to help you prepare for your A’ level exams, living with French hosts (or can arrange your own accommodation in Paris). It’s perfect for A’ level students looking to prepare prior for their end of school exams ~ as it’s aimed French language students across Europe.    Past students have really enjoyed living in and studying in Paris.  It is only open to older teenagers preparing for French A level exams.

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Course Content

~ to train for specific examinations (listening activities, presenting a theme, writing a letter, narrative ~ or summary, etc.)
~ to practice linguistic skills (written expression, “essay planning”, oral / written comprehension, oral / interactive communication)
~ to revise grammar and build vocabulary
~ communicative methods, role play and use of real documents

~ All teachers are fully qualified and experienced in the teaching of French as a foreign language
~ Only French will be spoken in class
~ Small group tuition

Programme details

The course is academically demanding, and aimed at older teenagers.  The French language college staff are aware that the students want to make the most of their time in Paris and will do all they can to assist students to ensure they enjoy their French experience, both in and outside the classroom.

There are rarely more than 4 students on this course, and frequently only 1 or 2 students.

Hence if there are only 1 or 2 students for a particular start date, the course format will change:

One student:
Student to join the Mini Group course (open to all ages) + three 1:1 private lessons dedicated to the A level exam preparation instead & one 2.30 hrs workshop session (if 1 student only)

Two students:
Students to join the Mini Group course (open to all ages) + four 2:1 private lessons & two 2.30 hrs workshop sessions (if 2 students per tutor) dedicated to the A level exam preparation instead.
Three or more students: 15 group lessons per week solely for A level students / Max. 6 people per class / Open to A’level students and those following European equivalent exams / 16 yrs+ age group


Home to 6 million people it caters for all tastes, with literally hundreds of galleries, cinemas, museums and theatres to explore, not to mention innumerable cafes, bars, clubs and restaurants, there are a fine selection just a few minutes stroll from the college. The excellent public transportation system makes it an easy city to explore. So, whether you wish to see the Eiffel Tower, Notre-Dame Cathedral, the Louvre, the Chateau de Versailles, explore the Latin Quarter, stroll along the banks of the River Seine, enjoy the beauty of Paris’ parks and gardens or shop till you drop on the internationally famous “Grand Boulevards”, all is within easy reach.

French language school

It occupies a town house, just a short walk from the Louvre, in the 1st arrondissement and is within easy reach of all of the main sights of Paris (just a couple of minutes stroll from Les Halles metro station). The college provides the perfect environment for those who require serious study for private tuition or in a small group setting. Situated on 2 floors, the college comprises of 9 classrooms for group and private lessons (sorry – stairs only). Students can relax in the common room between classes.


One week’s course duration

~ Monday: 10.00 to 13.00 hrs
~ Tuesday to Friday: 09.00 to 12.00 hrs (& PM timetable may sometimes apply)
~ Open to A’ level students and those following European equivalent exams
~ 16 yrs + age group
~ Ideal for Yr 11 and Yr 12 students
~ Half-term & Easter holiday period
~ Max. 7 people per class *

* Occasionally, this number may be exceeded by 1 or 2 due to an unforeseen student placement

A short term French language course aimed at A’ level students (and European students studying for A’ level exam equivalents) who need to build on current skills during an immersion course in France over the holidays.  This is an intensive course in small groups to maximise students’ performance. The main objective of the programme is to improve linguistic abilities, whilst concentrating on aspects of the language essential to the A’ level (or European equivalent) exam in order to make the best use of students’ knowledge. A great deal of emphasis is placed on oral participation through personal presentations and role-playing.


No activities offered as part of this programme


  • Open to students aged 16 yrs +
  • French host based (private household)
  • Single room, half-board
  • 30 to 45 minutes commute to school

Offered on a single room basis with half-board (breakfast and evening meal) with local hosts.
French hosts live in the residential areas in Paris -in apartment buildings.  You need to allow for a daily commute to college of 30/45 minutes by bus or metro. Hosts offer you the chance to share daily French life with native speakers.  They may well have more than two student staying with them.

Transfer Service

Transfers (collection on arrival in Paris by air or train) can be arranged for an additional fee.


Teenagers aged 16/17yrs old will need signed parental permission to be able to go out in the evenings.

French language students, over 18 years of age are not subject to parental permission rules.
NB: Parents cannot set alternative curfews as the college is unable to police them.


Students are not supervised by college staff out of college

Travel & Transfer

Arrive: Sunday PM
Depart: Saturday AM

Travel to Paris by plane or train and make your way or book a college transfer (at additional cost) to your accommodation.