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French and Surfing

Is this course for you?

Yes. If you want to improve your French and Surf skills in Biarritz, this course was MADE for you!

Fabulous beaches, incredible waves and the opportunity to perfect your knowledge of the French subjunctive! Heaven. If you long to become a Surf Master and need to improve your French – read on!

  • Open to 16 yrs + age group
  • 1 to 4+ weeks on the Standard Course
  • Generally offered April to September each year
  • 20 French  group lessons per week
  • + 10 lessons dedicated to surfing over a week
  • One and a half hours of surfing a day, Monday/Friday

The beaches used appeal to improvers, but also to those at a beginner level. The Surf school provides wet suits/shorts and boards. NB: The French & Surf Course is a very popular summer programme, please book well in advance for July/August period.

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French Lessons

20 general French morning lessons
Levels: Beginner to Advanced French speakers

Timetable: 9.30 to 12.15 with a 15 minute break, Monday to Friday + 1.5 hours afternoon surf lessons
Times are subject to change according to weather conditions and tides

Surfing Lessons

Biarritz: Grand Plage

Surfing lessons are tailored to suit the abilities and requirements of each student
Classes are given by certified state-approved instructors
Surfing Groups: approx. 8 participants per monitor

Surfing Location: the famous Côte des Basques beach in Biarritz (5 minutes’ walk from the town centre). The beach provides surfers with a wide variety of waves suited to different surfing abilities. Classes are sometimes held at other locations depending upon weather conditions (transport is provided by the surf school).

Surfing Equipment: supplied by the school (full-length or short wet suits, boards).