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German A’ level: Berlin

PDF Download: 2016 details


  • Open to Yr 12 & Yr 13 students
  • A’ level, Pre U, Higher & IB students
  • 1 week language course
  • 20 German group lessons
  • + 10 German private tuition lessons
  • 45 minutes per lesson
  • Max. 12 people per class

Language skills covered: Oral and Written Expression, Grammar Exercises, Oral and Written Comprehension, Phonetics, Vocabulary and Syntax

This German A’ level course is ideal for AS & A2 level students who wish to practise with native speakers, improve their communication skills and address any linguistic weaknesses. Students can polish up general German language skills including revision of grammar structures and pronunciation and address any linguistic weaknesses. Tutors are all native speakers who are also professional teachers of German as a foreign language. It’s perfect for students looking to prepare prior to their German exams.

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The programme consists of:

  • group lessons addressing general German language skills
  • private tuition to meet the individual needs of the language student

NB: This is a German language, not a literature orientated programme.

Please check with your UK school, are your Orals before or after Easter?

Oral Topics
Please advise us of your topics, so that they can be incorporated into the private tuition lessons, during the week. The aim is to develop discussions around the topics and get you talking. Information supplied later than 2 weeks beforehand, cannot be included into the programme.

Students are housed with German hosts. You are welcome to make your own accommodation arrangements, but the majority of the A’ level revision course students do choose to stay with hosts. You will be placed in a single room with a hostess, on a half-board basis.

Transfer: Collection at Berlin airport = €60.00 per personn/one way service

A’ level Revision Course Notes

College Description:
Berlin is a dynamic city, and there is plenty to see and experience, besides the studious environment of the language school. The combination of its academic record, great city location and ease of access via it’s International airports makes it the perfect study location.

Course: The group lessons will be taken with other language students, not necessarily just A level students. However the private tuition classes will be dedicated to the A level revision needs of each student.

Meals: Breakfast and the evening meals are taken with the hosts. Students make their own lunchtime arrangements, but can eat on site at the language school, if they wish.

Curfew: The hosts will not provide students with a set curfew.

If parents require a particular curfew to be put in place, please let CESA know. We will ensure the hosts are informed. However, it will not be the hosts role to police the students. Any infringement of the curfew set, will be passed to the student’s parents, for their information.

Cultural activities: The school offers a wide range of cultural activites to students once in Berlin, many of which are free of charge.

Private study: Students will be asked to complete some homework tasks each night in preparation for the following day’s classes. It is important that students complete these tasks in order to take full advantage of the week’s programme.

Course places: We recommend that students book their course place as early as possible, to avoid disappointment.