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German Gap Year Courses

A Gap Year in Germany (or Austria) with CESA Languages, can seriously improve your German language skills.

CESA offers German Gap Year courses in Germany and Austria for language students of ALL abilities.

This includes German Academic Year Courses and Languages for Life courses in a fabulous range of locations in Germany and Austria.

You can prepare yourself for serious German language exams if you wish (but it’s not compulsory!).

These long term courses (8 weeks + through to a whole academic year) are ideal for Gap students who really want to get to grips with their language skills, whilst living in Germany or Austria.

Living and studying in; Berlin, Munich, Heidelberg, Cologne, Lindau or Vienna gives language students first hand experience of the German / Austrian lifestyle and true immersion in the culture that breathes life into the German language.

For a fantastic Gap Year in Germany or Austria talk to CESA Languages Abroad now!

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Academic Year & Languages for Life Courses

In Germany:

In Austria: