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German Gap Year in Munich

The Munich language school, is located in the heart of this wonderful Bavarian city

German language exams are offered throughout the year

A medium sized school offering high quality tuition that attracts long term language students from around the world


The German Gap Year in Munich is the ideal long-term course solution for Gap Year students, graduates and young adults looking to take a serious career break. These long-term courses allow students to focus on all aspects of German over several months, whilst placing the language within a meaningful cultural framework. In-depth study over an extended period ensures better mastery, subtler understanding and far greater long-term retention of key skills.

Course Details:

  • Minimum age: 18 yrs
  • Duration: 8 to 40+ wks
  • German tuition (20 lessons)
  • Class size: Maximum 12 people
  • Preparation for German exams (optional, not included in course fees)
  • Minutes per lesson: 45
  • Ability levels: Beginner/Intermediate

The German Gap Year language course ensures rapid acquisition and long-term retention of key German language skills and also covers a range of topics on modern day Germany (cultural, social and economic). Oral and written German language skills are developed and enhanced through out these long term courses. This German language programme is aimed at Beginners to Low Intermediate abilities, who want to see serious linguistic improvement and are aiming to achieve fluency over a number of months.

Classes are then held from Monday to Friday each week.

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  • Intensive grammar study
  • Phonetics
  • Development of vocabulary
  • Syntax and application
  • Listening and comprehension
  • Dialogue and communication
  • Idiomatic language
  • Written and oral expression
  • Lecture and analysis
  • Live guided discussion and synthesis
  • Free conversation

This German language course is an excellent opportunity to learn a new language, immerse yourself in a new culture and make new friends from all around the world. The study plan takes into consideration your current level, your needs and the length of your course.

German language exams are offered to Gap Year students:

Do you speak German? Can you prove it!

Some people study German for self-enrichment or want to know how to tell the time or talk on the phone in German. or to satisfy short term language requirements in high school, college, university or career goals. Others however, though, such as university or Gap students, aspiring teachers, translators or others with long term career goals, study the language as part of a formal training programme. For this latter group of students, formally proving competency in the language is a requirement and this is where the German Exams are of great value.