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Italian Gap Year in Milan

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The Italian Academic Year Programme in Milan is the ideal long-term course solution for Gap Year students, graduates and young adults looking to take a serious career break. These long-term courses allow students to focus on all aspects of the language over several months, whilst placing the language within a meaningful cultural framework. In-depth study over an extended period ensures better mastery, subtler understanding and far greater long-term retention of key language skills.

  • Duration : 32 weeks (shorter courses also available)
  • Language tuition (480 lessons)  
  • Class size : 12 people
  • Cultural sessions   
  • Preparation for AIL exams (80 lessons)
  • Minutes per lesson : 45   
  • Ability levels : Beginner/Intermediate
  • Minimum age :16   

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Milan, a city of history, industry, design and culture is an ideal place to spend all or part of your Gap Year - for first hand information and advice please contact the CESA staff.


Want to learn Italian in Milan, but can't manage a Gap Year course? 

We can also offer alternative/shorter Italian language courses:

  > Milan : Languages for Life (20 lessons)  8 to 48 wks

  > Milan : Standard Course (20 lessons)   1 to 8 wks


Italian Gap Year course information:

The Academic Year Programme is ideal for students who wish to combine their study of the Italian language with an exploration of Italy and the Italian culture, through living and studying in Italy.  It is aimed at students with beginner to intermediate Italian, who aim to achieve fluency over a number of months.  The Programme ensures rapid acquisition and long-term retention of all aspects of language knowledge and is an invaluable way of focusing on your language skills development, with like-minded people away from the pressures and demands of daily life at home.  It aims to provide a solid grounding in core skills across a wide range of ability levels.  Whatever your current ability, key teaching techniques will ensure you gradually acquire and develop the necessary strategies to understand and communicate in Italian. 

At beginner/elementary levels the spoken language is the most important part of the tuition.  Continually promoting the use of verbal communication permits students to learn Italian “naturally”, to unite theory and practice and increase your knowledge quickly and with confidence.  In high elementary/intermediate/advanced classes the written language will be thoroughly covered and specifically so towards the latter stages of the programme, in preparation for the AIL exams.

Programme Structure:

Language element: 480 lessons of Italian language study, culmination in a final 80 lessons of preparation for two Italian Diplomas at intermediate and advanced levels.

Cultural element: Italian Civilization & History, Art History, Business Italian, History of Design & Architecture and an introduction to Italian Gastronomy.

Social programme element: In addition to the above all Academic Year students are welcome to participate in the various social activities offered by the college each month to all language students, some maybe cultural, whilst others are purely of a social nature.


  • Intensive grammar study
  • Phonetics
  • Development of vocabulary
  • Syntax and application
  • Listening and comprehension
  • Dialogue and communication
  • Idiomatic language
  • Written and oral expression
  • Lecture and analysis
  • Live guided discussion and synthesis
  • Free conversation

Only Italian will be spoken from the first day of classes.

Throughout all the courses offered, emphasise is placed on the spoken, living language.  By continually stressing the use of verbal communication, students are able to learn Italian "naturally" to unite theory and practice easily and to increase knowledge quickly and with confidence. More advanced levels also include written language practise.  Much of the teaching materials has been developed by the schools in house and is well suited to the needs and requirements of students. In order to enable students to gain an insight into the Italian way of living and thinking a whole range of extra curricular activities are provided, aside from the core language programme. The work of each group is tailored to each class's ability level in Italian. The college divides students into six theoretical levels of ability.  A student of average linguistic ability should allow four weeks to complete any one of the given Levels.
Classes are held from Monday to Friday each week, unless there is a public holiday.  The colleges require all their teachers to have university degrees and extensive experience teaching Italian as a Foreign Language.  The college is closed for two weeks over the Christmas holiday period, however accommodation can be reserved for students (and then has to be paid for) over this period if applicable to your programme dates. 

AIL Exams are offered in the final period of the Academic Year Programme:

Do you speak Italian? Can you prove It!

Some people study Italian for self-enrichment or, they're travelling to "il bel paese" and want to know how to tell the time or talk on the phone in Italian. or to satisfy short term language requirements in high school, college, university or career goals. Others however, though, such as art history students, aspiring teachers, translators or others with long term career goals, study the language as part of a formal training programme. For this latter group of students, formally proving competency in the language is a requirement and this is where the AIL Exams are of great value.

DELI  Diploma Elementare di Lingua Italiana "Firenze" AIL.
A1/A2 level according to the European Language Portfolio

DILI  Diploma Intermediodi Lingua Italiana "Firenze" AIL.
B1 level according to the European Language Portfolio

DALI  Diploma Avanzado di Lingua Italiana "Firenze" AIL.
C1 level according to the European Language Portfolio

DALC  Diploma Commericale di Lingua Italina "Firenze" AIL.
The DALC tests business Italian.
C2 level according to the European Language Portfolio

Level: DELI: low (2)   DILI: average (3)   
DALI: high(4)    DALC: very high(5).
Exams: are held on set dates throughout the year

For more detailed information please ask CESA for the AIL Exam sheet.

Social Life & Activities

All students are encouraged to make the most of their time in each Italian location by participating in the guided excursions and activities offered by the college.  The range of attractions, by day or night, ensures that each location is a stimulating and provocative backdrop for your experience of Italy and Italian life. 

Visits are offered accompanied by a college guide, students are of course welcome to explore each location on their own, and many to do so.  In addition however we suggest you try out the less well-
known activities that the Italians themselves enjoy, wandering through the local markets; or simply exploring the hidden corners of the cities that the average tourist never gets to see. 

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