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Learn Italian in Milan: Accommodation

Milan is a large and busy city. Commuting will be very much a part of everyday life whilst studying in the city. Please anticipate a daily commute to college of 20 to 45 minutes by public transport. Students can choose to stay with local Italian hosts or in apartments, sharing with Italians or in a wide variety of Hotels.

Italian hosts/Private households

  • Open to students aged 16 yrs +
  • Single rooms
  • Shared rooms (only if booked with a friend)
  • Breakfast only
  • or half-board (breakfast and evening meal)
  • Allow up to 45 minutes commute to school
  • WiFi available in some host accommodation

Stay with local Milanese hosts, in apartments in the residential areas of the city, in either single or shared rooms on a B&B or half-board basis (breakfast and evening meal). Staying with hosts allows you to speak Italian with local people out of class, but commuting is unavoidable and they are generally around 25/45 minutes commute from the Italian language school in Milan, as they won’t be in the city centre, but rather in the residential areas.

Location / Key
The accommodation is generally located in the residential areas just outside the city centre. Students can easily reach the school and the centre of the city by public transport. To get from the residential areas to the centre takes around 25 – 45 minutes by public transport. You are given your own key and are independent.

Bed-linen will be provided by your hosts and is changed every two weeks.

Washing and washing machines
Students do not generally use the washing machine in the host accommodation unless your hosts expressly allow you to do so. You can use one of the many launderettes in the residential areas.

In selecting hosts the school staff are not looking to provide luxury and comfort in the material sense but for Italian hosts who appreciate receiving foreign students. Additionally, please do not assume the hosts will be a “family” in the traditional sense. There are a few hosts who have children living with them at home but the majority of hosts will actually be single parents, divorcees/widows or childless couples, who take in students because they enjoy the company and have a spare room).

You can choose between breakfast only (recommended for short courses only) and half board (breakfast and dinner). You will take your meals together with your hosts but you should be aware that Italian eating habits can be rather different from your own. Breakfast usually only consists of coffee or tea and bread, butter, marmalade. Dinner is a complete meal served normally at around 8:00 pm.

House rules in host families
Living with a family offers a unique opportunity to become acquainted with the Italian culture and way of living, but it also requires compromises between the host and you. Therefore there are some house rules which you must take into consideration:

  • Please ensure that you always leave your bedroom looking presentable
  • Do not wake up your hosts after midnight when returning home
  • Do not use any of the hosts belongings without permission
  • Do not prepare meals by yourself
  • Do not do any laundry by yourself (the use of the washing-machine is not included in your rental agreement, but a private arrangement may be possible between the landlord and yourself once you are in Milan)
  • The use of the ironing board is permitted with no extra charge
  • You are allowed to use the common rooms and to receive telephone calls
  • Your bedroom will usually be cleaned daily

Shared apartments

  • For 18 yrs+ age group only, who are used to an independent lifestyle
  • Single rooms
  • Shared rooms (only for friends booking together)
  • Between 25 to 45 minutes commute from the Italian language school
  • WiFi is not offered in apartments

The apartments consist of a communal kitchen and bathroom and a single or shared bedroom (friends only). Apartments are generally shared with other students (a few can be with local Italian people). If you have a preference please let CESA know when enrolling. We will do our best to meet your requirements, if possible.

Living in an apartment, together with other foreign or Italian students or with hosts requires maturity but allows you considerable independence. You share the bathroom and the kitchen with your room mate(s) and cater for yourself.

Location / Key
The accommodation is located in the city centre or in the residential areas just outside the city centre. Students can easily reach the school and the centre of the city by public transport. To get from the residential areas to the centre takes around 25 – 45 minutes by public transport. You are given your own key and are independent.

Deposit for shared apartments
You may be asked to pay a deposit of 100 Euro to get the keys for your accommodation in shared apartments. This deposit will be required in cash on arrival and will be refunded on departure, less repairs and cleaning costs if needed.

Upon arrival each student will be given a set of bed-linen (two sets if they stay longer) and students are required to wash their bed-linen themselves.

Washing and washing machines
Students can wash by hand, or use one of the many launderettes in the vicinity.


  • You will share a flat or floor of a house with other students from the language school. Students share the kitchen and the bathroom. The apartments are furnished and the kitchens are supplied with all essential kitchen equipment (cutlery, plates, pans etc.). You can prepare your meals separately or together with your flatmates and fellow students
  • Electricity, gas water, local costs and taxes are included in the price
  • Bed-linen will be provided free of charge and changed every 2 weeks
  • You have to bring your own towels
  • We suggest that you organise some food for the first evening
  • The apartments do not have telephones or WiFi
  • The apartments are cleaned before your arrival. During your stay, you are responsible for the cleaning of your rooms and of the rooms used in common (kitchen and bathroom)

House-rules for shared apartments

You are expected to respect the following house-rules:

  • To leave the common rooms clean and presentable
  • To wash the dishes after use
  • To throw the garbage in the street containers every day
  • Not to wake your flatmates after midnight when returning home
  • Not to organise “parties” (Parties, especially with people not living in the apartment, are strictly forbidden for insurance and safety reasons, as well as for the tranquility of the students not taking part and the neighbours.)
  • Not to use a vacant bed or room in the apartment
  • Not to invite any “just-made” friends to stay in the apartment
  • To report any damage or technical fault immediately to the school secretary
  • To leave the apartment clean on departure.

Private Studio apartments

Prices are available on request. Please note that the private apartments must be reserved well in advance and the prices vary depending on the season. Private apartments are more comfortable than shared apartments and are therefore more expensive. They are available for one or more persons. Whilst the school will be happy to make the reservation for you, payment has to be made directly to the apartment owner, i.e. we need your credit card number to make reservations.


There are a wide range of Hotels in Milan, please let us know your preference when booking. Higher standard Hotels are ideal for adults on short term courses, but not recommended for younger students travelling on their own.


Arrive: Sunday PM
Depart: Saturday PM

We recommend students fly to Milan’s Malpensa airport and then catch the train (Malpensa Express) and then catch the subway into the centre of town. Alternatively, catch the shuttle from Malpensa airport to statione Centrale and then catch the subway into town. Students are welcome to book a transfer service at additional cost from Milan’s Malpensa airport to their accommodation.