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French and Painting

Are you new to the world of painting or have you previously studied art?  Either way, why not combine your French language course with the opportunity to work with oils and charcoal drawings with a professional painter in Aix-en-Provence.

  • Open to 18 yrs + age group throughout the year
  • 2 weeks language course duration
  • 20 French group lessons per week
  • Max. 10 people per group class
  • plus painting sessions (12 lessons over 2 weeks)
  • Timetable for painting: Generally 14.00 to 17.30 hrs
  • NB: No beginners accepted on these programmes

Students follow the morning Standard French course in Aix en Provence and over several afternoons follow painting classes run by a professional painter, who specialises in Impressionist work. Classes include instruction on how to work with oils and charcoal drawings, in the painter’s studio. All Art lessons are held in French and students will work in small groups, either in the Artist’s garden/workshop or out in the open (weather permitting).

Offered to students across all painting levels, even beginners
Timetable: Afternoons between 14:30 and 17:30 hrs (week days only)
About 12 hours in the afternoon over 2 weeks
The studio is located just 20 minutes walk from the language school

French and Painting Oil on canvas

Learn different painting techniques
Practice your French vocabulary with a specific art context
Discover the famous Provence of France’s famous painters
Enjoy the pleasure of creating a painting
Leave Aix with a personal souvenir or two – your very own work of art

Painting Course: Payment to be made directly to the Painting teacher upon reception of the invoice (not via CESA)

Standard Course Start Dates and Prices

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