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Italian and Wine: Italy

Students of the Italian language love this programme.  Combine your Italian language studies with wine appreciation in either Rome, Florence, Milan or Siena.  The courses have to be booked once in Italy, not in advance, but here are the details so that we can whet your appetite!

An introduction to Italian wines from across a range of regions plus wine tasting sessions and (when possible) a visit to a nearby vineyard. Elementary Italian required.
During the course there will also be the opportunity to visit a renowned wine bar.

Duration: 01 week
Start Dates: Every month
ONLY offered  in combination with Italian course
Wine session: 01 per week
Italian lesson: 20 x 45 mins/pr week
Italian level: Students should have elementary+ Italian
Location: Held at the language school

For a better understanding, tables, maps and other visual support materials will be used. Topics such as how to match wine and food together, and comparing Italian wines to foreign wines, will be dealt with.

The topics dealt with by the course are:

how to read the label of a bottle of Italian wine
the classification of Italian wines (house wine or origin label, D.O.C and D.O.C.G.)
the traditional techniques of cultivation, fermentation and ageing used in Italy
wine tasting and terminology
wine production in Italy and its consumption
new developments and non traditional wines
Tuscan production, the North-West (Piemonte), the North-East (Friuli, South-Tirol, and other regions, particularly in the centre and in the South).

Italian & Wine Appreciation: Florence

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Italian & Wine Appreciation: Siena

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Italian & Wine Appreciation: Milan

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Italian & Wine Appreciation: Rome

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