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Japanese & Pop-Culture

Follow a Japanese language course in Fukuoka, Tokyo or Kyoto and spend your Saturday’s exploring the wonderful world of Japanese pop-culture. Explore the fun, interesting and quirkier side of modern Japanese culture with local guides.

In Fukuoka: check out the Cat Cafe
follow a Manga drawing class
take the Otaku Map Tour
visit the Fukuoka Tower and Robot Park


In Tokyo: explore the Toyota Car themed museum
follow a Manga drawing class
visit the Animation museum
take a Cosplay class


In Kyoto: to be confirmed


  Cultural content: Saturdays
  Course duration: 01 – 04 weeks
  Levels: Beginner to Advanced
  Course offered: Throughout the year
  Lesson duration: 50 minutes
  Maximum per class: 8 students
  Japanese course: Monday to Friday
20 lessons per week
  Minimum age: 16 yrs (Tokyo/Kyoto)
14 yrs (Fukuoka)




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Fukuoka: Dress Up

Example / TOKYO

Additional classes focus on Japanese pop culture ~ from manga to movies… to teach you the language as it is really spoken. You will study Japanese during the week and learn more about modern Japanese life during Saturday guided sessions (three events are arranged every Saturday).

Saturday Activities
1st week Maid Cafe Toyoto car theme park Manga drawing class
2nd week Nakano Broadway Animation museum Cosplay lesson
3rd week Plastic food making session Disaster drill experience Japanese sword play lesson
4th week Owl Cafe Cat Cafe Digital illustration lesson