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Spanish and Surfing

The Atlantic coast of Spain offers first class Surfing beaches.  Students studying Spanish in Cadiz (south western Spain) or in San Sebastian (northern Spain) can complement their language studies with some first class surfing tuition (or just some surfing sessions). So whether you are a beginner to the world of surfing or an experienced surfer, why not combine this fantastic water sport with your Spanish language lessons.

Spanish & Surfing: Cadiz

  • Open to 17 yrs + age group throughout the year
  • 2 or 3 weeks course duration (3rd week Spanish tuition only)
  • 20 Spanish lessons per week
  • + 2 surf lessons (of 90 minutes duration)
  • + social and cultural immersion programme
  • Students per class 6 – 10 students per class
  • Spanish timetable: 9:15 to 13:05 hrs
  • Levels: Elementary to Proficiency (A1-C2)

A short term Spanish course in Cadiz aimed at those who want to work on their Spanish but also get out and catch some waves. You can build on your current Spanish skills and learn some surfing techniques at the same time. We recommend the surfing programme for beginners/elementary level surfers, more advanced surfers may prefer to rent a board and kit locally and just enjoy the waves themselves. The Atlantic waves are terrific and make for some memorable rides!

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Spanish & Surfing: San Sebastian

  • Open to 17 yrs+ age group
  • A supplementary surfing programme (generally combined with the Standard Course)
  • Timetable: Monday to Friday
  • For all surfing levels, from novice to advanced
  • 5 group surfing lessons per week / year round
  • Max. 6 people per surfing group

The course consists of a 1 hour surf class per day for 1 week taught in Spanish (with some English when needed)

All the equipment is included on the price: surfboard, wetsuit and insurance.
Students should bring: bathing suit, beach towel, bottle of water and soap / shampoo

Learn Spanish in San Sebastian and learn to surf, by combining your Spanish studies with a week (or more) of surfing lessons. The Atlantic rollers make San Sebastian’s coast a mecca for surfers year round and the surf club is run by experienced Surf tutors who are able to teach total beginner to advanced level (Good swimming skills are essential).

Low season (November- May): 14.30 – 15.30 hrs
Minimum number of students: 3
If there are less than 3 students the number of hours will be reduced to:
#1 person: 3 hours per week
#2 people: 4 hours per week

High season (June- November): 16.00 – 17.00 hrs
Minimum number of students: 5
The minimum number is almost always met!

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