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Language Course Availability

The best time to book a language course is NOW

If you delay making a decision, you can miss out entirely – language course places are limited and if you don’t book a place, someone else will.  This is especially true for courses offered over the summer, however some locations have different high seasons. To be 100% sure, please check availability with CESA staff.

French Language Courses

22nd July/4th August: Dorm rooms now fully booked. Still places on courses and single / shared rooms at present.

Biarritz Teens:
2nd /20th July: Fully booked
23rd July onward: Places available – but filling fast!

Upto 13th July: Residence rooms fully booked

Spanish Language Courses

2nd July: Residence/ Triple rooms are now fully booked
2nd & 9th July: Residence/ Single and shared rooms  – less than 06 of each left for these dates, but still places at present.
15th July: Residence/ Less than 10 places each, for single and shared rooms.

Tarifa Teens:
First two weeks: Boys places fully booked (last few girls places still available, but not Kite Surfing) but book soon.
Second two weeks: Still places for all students, but please don’t delay.

German Language Courses

Berlin Villa Programme:
2nd July/16th July: Fully booked
22nd July: Full for boys. Limited room for girls.

Berlin 14/17 Yrs Programme:
All dates: Fully booked

Berlin 16yrs+ City Programme:
July dates: On campus rooms are in very short supply.
Please check with CESA staff for updates.

Lindau Teens:
23rd July: Only one week free for residence option
15th July: Two weeks free for host option
Otherwise all dates are fully booked for 2018

Japanese Language Courses

July: Fully booked
August: Limited availability, but still some places for all levels.

July: Fully booked
August: Limited availability, but still some places for all levels.

Updated 27th June 2018