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French Language School

If you want to learn French in France, Montpellier has everything you need.  Montpellier is a beautiful city, with plenty of culture, endless things to do and a high quality French language school.  There are an excellent range of French language courses, to suit the needs of all adult French learners. Read on, and be inspired! 

French language courses offered in Montpellier:

  >  French Academic Year course
  >  French Languages for Life course
  >  French Standard course
  >  French Intensive course
  >  French DELF course
  >  French DALF course
  >  Combined French course
  >  Business French course
  >  French Private Tuition

  >  Social activities in Montpellier

The French language school in Montpellier is located in two buildings, both are set in the historic centre of the city. There are lots of cafés, restaurants, shops and monuments nearby, not to mention the famous Place de la Comédie, which is only a few metres away.

The primary building is located in a stylish private mansion dating back to the 18th century, which has retained its charm, although it is now equipped to modern standards with 12 spacious, air conditioned classrooms, a small library, a coffee room, with 7 flat screen computers with email and internet access which students can use free of charge.

The second building is located on the first floor of a modern building, nearby. This building has been recently renovated to a high standard and offers 8 air-conditioned classrooms as well as the booking and administration office. There is access to 5 flat screen computers with Internet and email access, also free of charge to students.

All the teachers, whose native tongue is always French, are fully qualified and experienced in teaching French as a foreign language.


French language course duration:  1 - 36 weeks
Minutes per French lesson:                                   45 minutes                      
Minimum age: 18 yrs
Classrooms: 20
No. of students/quietest months:                         70 per month
No. of students/busiest months: 200 per month

Social Activities in Montpellier

All students are encouraged to make the most of their time studying French in Montpellier by participating in a range of social activities including guided excursions and activities offered by the French language school.